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The Gamers’ War Chest The data behind the most popular gaming accessories

What makes the ultimate gaming set-up? Read on to find out all about the most elite gaming accessories and gadgets of today.

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If you’re an avid gamer, you know the gaming experience is only really as good as your set-up, right? We’re talking lightning-fast response times and high-precision control. So, what gaming gadgets will help set you up FTW? And, with Christmas just around the corner, what are likely to be the most popular gaming gifts of the season? We’ve found out what the most sought-after gaming accessories of the moment are, including trending gadgets and those used by top streamers. Buckle in for the lowdown.

The accessories flying off the shelves

So, what’s all the latest buzz about in the world of gaming? Sometimes it’s so fast paced, it’s almost impossible to keep up with, like the rise and fall in popularity of gaming accessories. Just like how you need to have your wits about you during your FPS marathon, you’ll need to have your ear to the ground to get the best in gaming tech.

So, we did some digging to unearth what accessories have been flying off the shelves this year.

Based on Currys sales figures, the top-selling types of accessories of the last year were wired gaming headsets, gaming keyboards and wired gaming mice – a PC-gaming-heavy selection. But in terms of online global search volumes, the most searched-for types of accessories were PS4 and PS5 controllers, Xbox One controllers, joysticks and mechanical keyboards. And looking at brand-specific searches, Razer headsets, Playseat gamer chairs, SteelSeries headsets and Logitech gaming mice are the hot topics. Overall, a real mixed bag across the PC gaming and console divisions.

Popular types of gaming accessories

The gaming influencers driving sales

It’s probably fair to say the world’s top streamers know a thing or two about gaming tech. They haven’t positioned themselves as leaders in the industry through pure fluke, after all! This makes social media a pretty good place to look for inspiration about what accessories are worth adding to your personal gaming set-up. Think gaming mice, controllers, keyboards, headsets and even a great chair for gaming.

From looking at the top 20 most searched-for gaming streamers across Twitch and YouTube –  including the likes of Ninja, PewDiePie and TommyInnit – we found that PC gaming seems to trump console gaming in the world of streaming. So, what gear are the top PC gamers using? We learnt that the most-used gaming mouse among the pros is the Logitech G Pro, perfect for esports heavyweights and n00bs alike.

Logitech is a popular choice in terms of keyboards too, with the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard in joint first place with the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL mechanical keyboard and the Corsair RapidFire K70 Low Profile MK.2 mechanical keyboard. Most PC gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because they're more tactile, durable, and faster. As for headsets, the ASTRO A50 gaming headset is the most favoured, likely thanks to its detailed sound quality that helps you keep track of every sound and teammate command in crystal clarity.

Why the most in-demand accessories are such a hit

Interestingly, wired gaming mice and headsets appear to be more of a hit than their wireless counterparts in terms of sales and searches. This could be because some feel the USB provides a more stable and responsive connection. Others – including most of the top streamers – prefer the freedom of movement and lack of clutter that wireless devices offer. And when it comes to the whole mechanical vs. membrane keyboard discussion, it’s all subjective here too. One of the main things mechanical enthusiasts rave about is the satisfaction they get from it being more tactile. Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, offer a smoother, quieter experience.

Top 20 game streamers

As for the rise in popularity of joysticks, this is likely because flight games made a triumphant return in 2020. This includes Microsoft’s long-anticipated flight simulator follow-up that landed in 2020 and went on to receive some outstanding reviews.

Finally, the spike in people on the hunt for PlayStation and Xbox controllers could be linked with the big releases of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X in late 2020. While lots of people would have been snapping up the new models, PS4s and Xbox Ones remained popular purchases as their price tags dropped in response to the new editions.

The most popular time of year to grab gaming gadgets

Gaming’s a year-round hobby, right? So, you might expect sales of gaming gadgets and accessories to remain fairly steady from month to month. But this theory doesn’t consider the biggest shopping events of the year – Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. And boy do they have an impact on gaming sales! And no wonder, the lead up to Christmas is the best time of year to save some money. Plus, new consoles are generally released in the lead up to Christmas (the PS5 and Xbox S Series both came out in Nov 2020).

Seasonal search trends from the past year show that the most popular months to buy gaming accessories are, without a doubt, November and December. In fact, search volumes for audio gaming chairs were a whopping 222% of their average volume in December. Rocking gaming chair searches were also up to 173% of their average volume in December and searches for console gaming chairs were up to 173% in November. Those are some serious jumps, so it looks as though gaming chairs could be the number one type of gift for gaming lovers.

Gaming accessories used by streamers used by tommyinnit jacksepticeye bugha AuronPlay LazarBeam Willyrex Ninja and ibai


To complete our study of the most popular console and PC gaming accessories we used a combination of online search data and Currys sales data. Search data was collected using SEMRush and based on the year from 1 Oct 2020 – 30 Sept 2021. Currys sales data is from the year of 2020. Our list of the top streamers was curated by combining the top 25 influencers from Social Blade’s top Twitch streamers list and top gaming YouTubers list. Profiles run by businesses rather than individuals were removed. The long list was then narrowed down to 20 based on who had the highest global search volume. Social followings were taken from their profilesin Oct 2021 and information about steamer’s gaming equipment was taken from websites including influencer.equipment and GearHelper.