10 student house essentials

Kitting out your student house with the gear you want is one of the best things about university life. There's no need to clutter up your living room with curious ornaments and decorative cushions, you only need to put what you value in your living room.

Can you find a student house with all 10 of our essentials?

If you've been in lectures all day (or at least you were scheduled to be…) then you'll want to come home to the perfect environment to relax in… which sounds like the ideal excuse to get some gadgets on the go. From luxuries like dishwashers and double beds, to practical essentials, we've come up with some household essentials. 

Although not everything about the perfect student house is electronic, we think this top 10 list of student house essentials will see you settle into your new home nicely.

1. TV with Freeview
When you're used to choosing from the plethora of satellite TV channels at your parents' house, going back to watching reruns of Loose Women of a Tuesday morning can be tough. But a TV with a built-in Freeview tuner will offer you plenty of channels without the financial pain of a monthly subscription.

2. Wireless router
Unless you plan on spending half your life in the library, then you're going to want internet access at home. Wireless routers make bringing the web to your easy and save you the hassle of running cables to multiple rooms.

3. Double bed
OK, maybe it's not a student house essential - you can sleep in a single bed in perfect comfort - but a double bed makes a room great. But they're not always easy to squeeze into student rooms, so be sure to spend plenty of time in yours if you have one.

4. Dishwasher
There's no fun in scraping the four-day-old remains of spaghetti bolognese off a plate, especially when you've had to cop abuse from your housemates for avoiding the washing up for some days. A dishwasher is a real bonus.

5. Games console
It doesn't matter whether it is a Xbox 360, a PS3 or a Nintendo Wii, bonding over a common love of gaming is a student thing to do. Although setting up a house league on Fifa can result in hours of silence after a contentious penalty decision.

6. A nearby takeaway restaurant
Ideal for those nights when you don't feel up to putting anything in the oven, or even the microwave, a takeaway restaurant within short walking distance solves all your problems.

7. Drinks chiller
These are particularly useful in crowded houses where fridge space is at a premium. A drinks chiller full of beer or wine in the living room is a fantastic sight and saves you trotting off to the kitchen for a top up.

8. Dyson vacuum cleaner
Not the most glamorous entry on our list, but pushing around a vacuum cleaner which lacks suction is like trying to play snooker with a rope. Get a Dyson vacuum cleaner on the case and you'll have the house looking respectable in double-quick time.

9. Kettle
It's difficult to exaggerate the importance of tea to student life. It's cheap, ideal for piecing together the previous night over and keeps you warm during the winter months. You might as well treat yourself to a nice kettle to make your brew with, then.

10. A housemate who likes cleaning
Utterly priceless. If you find one, hold on to them.

Do you have any essentials for student houses that we've missed? Comment below or tweet @DixonsinTheKnow