3 kitchen appliances to help you eat healthy

Grill, blend and even fry your way to tip-top shape this winter. Cut calories not flavour with these handy kitchen gadgets.

20 Dec 2017


3 kitchen appliances to help you eat healthy

Determined to kick your unhealthy eating habits into touch this winter?

With a little help from these fab appliances, you can soon be producing wholesome low-fat dishes that don’t stint on flavour.


1. Health Grill

Want a healthy meal in a matter of minutes? A health grill enables you to prepare tasty nutritious food quickly and efficiently. You might be wondering why it’s better than a conventional grill – well, the main benefit is that it has a sloped grill that drains more fat and grease away from foods.

tefal optigrill

It’s also a much faster way to cook. You can cook a chicken breast in around six to eight minutes. That’s about a third of the time it’ll take you to cook the same thing on a conventional grill. And it won’t dry out meats.

Did you know? Grilling helps vegetables retain more of their vitamins and minerals.

Why not try the Tefal Optigrill? With it you can:

  • Cook anything from juicy burgers to toasties to fillets of fish with 9 cooking programmes
  • Cook up to 10 portions if you’re having guests round for dinner
  • Monitor cooking progress as you go with the colourful LED indicator – you'll know when your steak is rare or well done

Get the Tefal Optigrill


2. Soup maker

You can’t beat a bowl of delicious homemade soup to comfort a rumbling stomach on a cold winter’s day. For any household that consumes a lot of soup, this appliance is a must-have. A soup maker helps you prepare light lunches and dinners for when you need something quick, easy and healthy.

Morphy richards soup

With different speeds and thickness settings, a soup maker gives you the versatility to make everything from a smooth cream of mushroom to a hearty minestrone.

Why not try the Morphy Richards Soup Maker? With it you can:

  • Whip up six bowls of soup in under 21 minutes
  • Blend together leftover ingredients you have lying around instead of throwing them away
  • Make smoothies and milkshakes as well as soup with the handy drinks function

Get the Morphy Richards Soup Maker


3. Air Fryer

Eating healthily doesn’t mean having to give up all the foods you love. Enjoy guilt-free fried foods with an air fryer.

power airfryer

This is a great gadget to add to your kitchen if you want to cut down the amount of fat and oil in your cooking. And it’s much safer than a deep-fat fryer, with automatic timing, temperature and stirring. It works by circulating hot air rather than boiling oil to cook food, so you can make delicious chips and cook meat and fish without them being coated in grease.

Why not try the Power AirFryer? With it you can:

  • Feed the whole family with 3.2 litres capacity
  • Fry, grill, bake, sauté, roast or steam with little or no oil
  • Get a crispy, golden brown finish to fried foods and locked in flavour and moisture with super-heated cyclonic air of up to 400F
  • Enjoy hands-free cooking – no need to stir. It’ll even turn off automatically at the end of cooking to prevent burning

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