4 reasons why now is a great time to upgrade your kitchen appliances

Have you been thinking about re-doing the kitchen but are worried about the expense? Now is the perfect time to give the heart of your home a fresh new look. With the big 'Upgrade and Save' event, you can get up to £200 cashback when you purchase a large appliance. Here’s what an upgrade can do for you...

25 Feb 2016


Kitchen appliances

1. You can get instant cashback

Thanks to the big 'Upgrade and Save' event, you can get some money back the moment you purchase. Across our ranges of large kitchen appliances (such as washing machines and fridges), selected products could refill your wallet with up to £200. This means you’ll have more money to put away for that big summer holiday. 

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2. You can maximise your kitchen space

With a whole range of built in appliances to suit your style, you can make the most of the space you have. If you own a smaller kitchen, you’ll be no stranger to the chaos of busy mornings at breakfast time. In built appliances are a great way to create a more spacious, open plan feel in your kitchen.

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3. You can save money on energy bills

Large kitchen appliances such as washing machines can be the worst offenders when it comes to bigger energy bills. Especially in busy family homes, mountains of school uniforms and football kits can quickly pile up meaning your machine will be constantly on the go. Newer models are much more energy efficient than older ones; so it could be a worthy investment to upgrade in the long-term.

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4. Summer is almost here

With all of the BBQ’s, and summer sporting events tantalisingly close, there’s no doubt your fridge is going to be stocked to the brim. With larger capacities to accommodate huge family feasts and built in wine coolers, you can rest assured that you have the hosting covered. American style models also come fitted with ice dispensers to keep your drinks cool as you relax in the sun – bliss.

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