5 cool new ways to enjoy your coffee in 2016

12 Apr 2016


Whether your go-to cup of joe is a latte, espresso or a macchiato, it’s always good to spice up your coffee routine and try something a little different. That’s why we headed down to the London Coffee Festival in Shoreditch last week to find out the exciting new ways to enjoy a brew. From coffee-infused dessert to the best coffee cocktails, here’s five cool coffee trends that had us buzzing.

1. Paired with seafood

Clams and cappuccinos might not be the most obvious food and drink combo, but according to the guys at Scandinavian Embassy, it’s a match made in coffee heaven. The award-winning Dutch restaurant hosted a pop up dining experience at the London Coffee Festival showcasing only the best of coffee and seafood pairings. The decadent three-course meal included espresso-smoked oysters, flambéed scallops, and a herring tartare with Ethiopian yirgacheffe beans. So next time you’re cooking up a plate of lobster of calamari, don’t forget that cup of cappuccino.


2. Infused in ice cream

Coffee cake. Mocha brownies. Everyone knows those magical beans taste great in food. And if you’re looking for an exciting new way to munch on your coffee, few things can rival a coffee ice cream. Square Mile, one of the UK’s top coffee roasters, served up the scrumptious dessert at The Canteen stall, and it was one of the best we’ve ever had. With a deliciously salty flavour and a soft creamy taste, coffee ice creams are definitely one to try in 2016.


3. In a coffee cocktail

Espresso martinis were one of 2015’s coolest drinks (pardon the pun), and the coffee cocktail trend is only hotting up. Drinks like the Spanish coffee, Siciliano, and coffee-infused negroni are the perfect pick-me-up when you’re out on the town. Baileys were on hand to show everyone why alcohol and coffee is a too-good-to-be-true combination, and their yummy drinks really hit the spot. Want your daily cup of joe with an extra kick? Then a coffee cocktail has a ton of perks.  


4. As a nice cold-brew

Cold brews are already huge in the US, and the craze is quickly making its way over to the UK. Not to be confused with iced-coffee, the drink involves ground coffee steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours, and then strained to create a unique flavour. Minor Figures is just one coffee start-up getting on the bandwagon with their delicious range of cold brew coffees. We bumped into the guys at the London Coffee Festival and were super impressed by their tasty range of chocolate, coconut and organic flavoured coffees. So, if you fancy a new twist on your daily caffeine kick, opt for a nice cold brew.

5. From the comfort of your home

Coffee machines have become hugely advanced over the past couple of years. So much so that it’s never been easier to make a barista-style cup of coffee at home. Coffee machines from the likes of Delonghi, who were at the coffee festival, let you make a great range of espresso-based drinks with the simple touch of button.

What’s more, Delonghi coffee machines come with integrated grinders, customisable options and even milk frothers. So from bean-to-cup, you get a world-class coffee experience. Delonghi’s machines are also a must-have if you’re looking to cook up some espresso-based cuisine - or just cut down on your daily Starbucks bill!

Want to see more highlights from the festival? Check out the #LondonCoffeeFestival hashtag on Twitter. And if you’d love to enjoy world-class roasts from the comfort of your home, take a look at our range of Delonghi coffee machines.