How to cook a gluten-free roast dinner with... gluten-free Yorkshire puddings

It’s confirmed – the nation has chosen the traditional roast dinner as its favourite meal. Historically one of the most popular meals in the UK, a recent survey carried out by YouGov has once again cemented the humble roast’s place as Britain’s top favourite dish.

A separate survey commissioned by Currys PC World looked into other elements relating to food and cooking. It found a growing trend towards eating gluten-free food, with almost a tenth of respondents from England, Scotland and Wales stating they had recently explored gluten-free options for their meals.

Londoners were most interested in eating gluten-free, with 12% of survey respondents having eaten a gluten-free meal within the past month. Similar numbers were found in the West Midlands (11%), Wales (11%), the South West of England (10%) and the North West of England (10%), indicating a great interest in gluten-free eating in the western regions of Britain.

The survey also found that a fifth of Londoners had a food-related allergy or intolerance, while the same was true for 18% of survey participants from the North West of England. This included 5% of Londoners reporting a specific allergy or intolerance to wheat and/or gluten.

The British public are increasingly embracing a fresh approach to cooking, including exploring gluten-free options. So, we teamed up with Vicki Montague from the Free From Fairy blog to produce a gluten-free alternative to that must-have roast dinner side dish: Yorkshire puddings. If you’ve been searching for a gluten-free Yorkshire pudding, check out her recipe below.


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About the Free From Fairy

Vicki Montague is the founder of the Free From Fairy blog, which she created to help people on restricted and free-from diets wanting to enjoy delicious, healthy and nutritious home-cooked food. A mother, scientist and recipe developer, Vicki also created the world’s first wholegrain, rice-free and gluten-free flour blend and won a Silver Award for Innovation at the Free from Awards 2017.

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