The results are in: Britain’s ultimate favourite dish is…

The humble roast has been voted the nation’s favourite meal. Recent YouGov survey data analysed by Currys PC World shows that the traditional roast dinner is Britain’s favourite dish – allowing the unassuming meal to proudly retain its spot as the UK’s national meal.

Loved by the majority of Britain, the roast dinner is possibly one of the homeliest meals around. Synonymous with delicious home cooking and cosy family gatherings around the dinner table, roast dinners clearly have a special place in the hearts of millions across the UK.

This is particularly true in London, the West Midlands and Scotland, where all survey respondents reported that they either really liked or liked the roast dinner (on a five-point scale). Other regions that reported really liking or liking roast dinner include the North West of England (94%), the South West of England (92%), and the East Midlands (90%).

Another survey carried out by Currys PC World looked into the different approaches people take when it comes to cooking and eating. When asked about the types of meals they’d eaten in the past month, 16% of survey respondents said they’d eaten a low-carb meal, 14% had eaten a vegan meal, and 9% had eaten a gluten-free meal.

The survey also found that over half (52%) of respondents across Britain cooked a new meal at home at least once a month. It also found that an impressive 34% of respondents in the North East of England and 30% of respondents in London cook a new meal at least once a week.

It’s clear that Brits are increasingly willing to take a fresh approach to their cooking and meal preferences. In that spirit, we teamed up with award-winning recipe developer and scientist Vicki Montague from the Free From Fairy blog to take three different approaches to the iconic roast dinner.

She’s created a gluten-free version of Yorkshire puddings, a low-carb alternative to typical roast dinner side dishes, and a vegan roast loaf for an animal-free roast dinner.

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