Add a modern twist to your home with Hoover

We’ve picked out three smart appliances that’ll help bring the very latest technology into your home.

07 Jan 2019


When you think of Hoover, you may firstly think of vacuum cleaners. That’s understandable – after all, they’ve been around for over 100 years and brought us the first portable electric vacuum cleaners.

But there’s a whole lot more to Hoover than that…

They have a range of great technology that makes a real difference to your home, with modern twists that’ll genuinely improve your life.

We’ve picked out three of the best that feature smart functions to help you get the most out of your tech.


Hoover Vision Electric Smart Oven

Hoover Vision Electric Smart Oven

If you love putting together a feast that everyone can enjoy, you’ll love the Hoover Vision’s 80-litre capacity - big enough for any special occasion.

Follow personal programmes and video recipes step-by-step

But that's just the start, as this oven is equipped with some serious tech that’ll improve your cooking and wow all your guests. Use its 19-inch interactive touchscreen and follow personal programmes and video recipes step-by-step. Upload a recipe and follow the steps – simple.

We’ve all spent time peering through the door to see how our bakes are getting on. Now there’s no need – with an HD camera pointing straight at your food, you’ll always know when it’s ready to come out – and you won’t have to let the heat out to check.

And while you’re cooking, you can check your social media, get the latest news or put on some music – all through your oven. It’s incredible.

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Hoover AXI Smart Washing Machine

Hoover AXI Smart Washing Machine

This clever washing machine makes doing your laundry so easy. Just look at all the features it has on board to make washday a breeze.

Because it's Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect it to the Hoover Wizard app which lets you download new wash cycles and operate settings remotely. It has a voice assist feature and can even connect to Bluetooth, Google Home or Amazon Echo.

So, you could be watching a movie in your living room, and not have to leave the sofa to sort out your settings.

Provides just the right amount of liquid detergent for your wash

If you’re worried about your colours running – aren’t we all? – then the 59-minute All In One setting will be right up your street. It lets you wash your colours and whites at the same time without any fear of colours running.

Short of time? You can get through a 1.5KG quick wash cycle in a barely believable 14 minutes.

And finally, it’s a great money saver, with an intelligent self-dosing system which automatically provides just the right amount of liquid detergent for your wash, so you won’t use more than you need.

See what we mean? Wash day just got easier.

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Hoover Discovery Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Discovery Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve shown you a couple of great ideas from Hoover, away from its vacuum cleaning roots. Well, now we’re back in familiar territory, with this great cordless vacuum cleaner we just had to show you.

The Discovery gives you up to 35 minutes of run time, which should be plenty of time to get your whole home looking spotless. And when it’s time to top up your battery, the wall-mountable charger makes it easy – and neat – to store your Discovery.

What about those more difficult messes? This vacuum cleaner can handle it, with a turbo mode for added suction power.

Up to 35 minutes of run time

It's at home on either hard or carpeted floors as the rotating brush bar can adapt to either, and there’s an easy driving system which helps it get around furniture with ease.

The last thing to point out is what Hoover is calling its HSpin-Core separation unit. This helps push dirt and hair away from the filter, so you don't have to come in contact with any dust when it’s time to empty it.

As you can see, this vacuum cleaner is packed with features, and comes with a surprisingly low price tag.

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