Are you guest-ready this Christmas?

Make sure you’re ready for the onslaught of Christmas guests with these handy appliances

27 Oct 2018


LG Instaview

Fresh towels and bed linen, a fridge that can handle Christmas and freshly brewed coffee for the morning after. Getting ready for Christmas guests can be stressful – but not with these helpful home appliances.


For when they arrive

Guests incoming? Make sure they’ve got a clean bed, fresh towels and that there’s plenty of food in…

Have fresh bed linen and towels aplenty

Have your loved ones travelled far? If they’ve been stuck in a car all day, they’ll probably be looking forward to freshening up – and sleeping in a fresh bed.

Samsung QuickDrive

Stay one step ahead with a large-capacity washing machine like the Samsung QuickDrive. 

Use it to:

  • Wash loads quickly but thoroughly with QuickDrive technology
  • Prepare bed linen and towels in advance with its large 10kg drum. Need help understanding washing machine capacity?
  • Help remove spilled wine or gravy from your guests’ clothing at lower cost with eco-friendly ecobubble technology
  • Launder your clothes and linen ultra-fast with the handy 15-minute wash setting
  • Forgot to pop in that extra tea towel? No problem – simply add it through the AddWash door
  • Don’t miss a moment of the Strictly final – control the wash from the couch using a special smart phone app

Get the Samsung QuickDrive WW10M86DQOO


Get the fridge stocked up

Christmas is all about the food. Whether you’re planning roast turkey with all the trimmings, a cocktail party packed with delicious nibbles or both.

LG Instaview

You’ll have plenty of room for all your foodie treats with the LG Instaview Fridge-Freezer

Use it to:

  • Store loads of food – with 413 litres of fridge space and 196litres in the freezer
  • Let your guests help themselves to a thirst-quenching drink from the water and ice dispenser
  • … or let them choose something else: they can see what’s on offer through the Instaview door-in-door
  • Avoid manually defrosting the freezer – let Total NoFrost look after it for you
  • Smart Diagnosis lets you know when a problem’s arisen, so you can get it solved fast
  • Keep everything tidy with an inbuilt wine rack, egg holder, salad drawers and plenty of separate compartments

Get the LG Instaview Fridge-Freezer


Offer them a cuppa

After a long drive battling the Christmas traffic, it’s nice to greet your guests with a soothing cup of tea.

Tefal Avanti Kettle

Have a brew ready for when they arrive with the Tefal Avanti Classic Kettle.

Use it to:

  • Knock up a decent cuppa for the whole house at once thanks to a 7l capacity
  • Keep your kitchen stylish - its slick matte black design fits with any décor
  • Say “no thanks” to limescale with the specialised anti-limescale filter

Get the Tefal Avanti Classic Kettle


Cooking them dinner

Your guests arrive on Christmas Eve, and with a huge day of cooking coming the following day, you want to make them something that’s super-tasty but hassle-free.

Samsung Dual Cook Oven

The right oven can help make your mealtimes easier. Take the Samsung Dual Cook Flex Electric Oven

Use it to:

  • Cook multiple dishes at once with Dual Cook technology and extra shelves
  • Or just cook for one without wasting energy by isolating heat in one part of the oven
  • Don’t waste time cleaning – catalytic liners burn all the gunk off the oven walls, so you only have to sweep out the ash

Get the Samsung Dual Cook Flex Electric Oven


The morning after

Bleary heads seeking coffee, conversation and a fruit-packed energy boost…

Make them a coffee

After a night of celebrating you’ll want a coffee machine that can whip up drinks effortlessly – whether that’s a capsule or bean-to-cup maker depends on your preference…

De'Longhi Prima Donna

Catering for coffee snobs? You may prefer the aroma of freshly ground beans with a bean-to-cup machine.

These are super-easy to use – simply pour the beans into the machine and it’ll grind and dispense the right amount for your drink.

For a coffee that’s spot on every time, you need the De'Longhi Prima Donna Bean to Cup Machine

Use it to:

  • Choose from 13 settings to get your personalised favourite coffee
  • Forget the clean-up – it cleans itself automatically
  • Serve those who don’t like coffee, too – it whips up deliciously creamy hot chocolate

Delonghi ECAM

Want something a little more budget-friendly? Try the fantastic De'Longhi ECAM Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Use it to:

  • Serve guests quickly – make drinks in twos with the twin-shot brewing cycle
  • Customise the strength, size and temperature of coffee to each guest’s tastes
  • Make great milky cappuccinos with its milk frother


Whip up some scrambled eggs for Boxing Day brekkie

After a long night of celebrations, the last thing you want is to faff about making breakfast for all your guests.

Magimix Food Processor

So here’s a trick – mix a big batch of scrambled eggs in your food processor for a quick, delicious breakfast that everyone will love.

With its 2.6 litre capacity, the Magimix Food Processor can easily make enough for everyone. All you have to do then is heat the eggs in a pan, et voila! Breakfast for the whole house.

Use it to:

  • Get creative – this food processor chops, slices, grates, whisks and kneads
  • Use it again and again and again – it comes with a 30-year guarantee
  • Don’t worry if your guests are still in bed – the commercial-grade induction motor is quiet as a whisper, so it won’t wake anyone up


Don’t waste time washing up

Don’t leave your guests alone while you disappear into the kitchen for hours of cleaning. Let a dishwasher do the dirty work while you talk about old times and new with your guests.

AEG ComfortLift Dishwasher

We love the AEG ComfortLift Dishwasher. It lets you load and unload with minimal effort thanks to the ComfortLift lower rack lifting mechanism.

Use it to:

  • Fit in all your dishes with 13 place settings
  • Give delicate items like wineglasses extra support with SoftSpikes and SoftGrips
  • Take stuff out dry – the Air Dry technology will make sure of it

Get the AEG ComfortLift Dishwasher


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