Award-winning juicers and food processors for healthy eaters

On a new year health kick? Our juicers food processors will help you create vitamin-packed juices and healthy soups with ease - we´ve hand picked a couple which were given the thumbs-up by Which?

Decided 2014 is the year you're going to get fit? There's no point going for a gruelling run at dawn and then munching down hot buttered toast for breakfast.

Of course you already know this, but if you want to lose weight you need to eat the right foods as well as exercising.

Homemade soups and juices are tasty healthy options - and are easy to make with a new food processor or juicer.

Here are a couple of our favourites.


Great for… pure fruit drinks with no additives

Throw your peeled fruits into your juicer, whiz it up and enjoy a glass of 100% fruit - with none of the good stuff taken out or nasty stuff added in. One glass counts towards your five-a-day too!

Philips HR 1869 - cleans in seconds, chops fruit for you

Phillips Avance Juicer

Juicing fruit can be messy and the prep can take time but with this Phillips machine it's the complete opposite. It can be cleaned in less than a minute and also chops your fruit for you - fab if you normally roll out of bed with mere minutes to get to the bus stop.

Finished in stainless steel, this premium juicer wouldn't look out of place on the set of the Wolf of Wall Street. It features an 80mm feeding tube into which you can place whole oranges and apples - once peeled, of course.

Not convinced? Consumer champion Which? handed it Best Buy status in its review of juicers last summer. It said: "This is an excellent juicer that's easy to use. It's quick and quiet and the juice won't disappoint."

Food processors

Great for… healthy soups containing only your ingredients.

Homemade soup prep can be time consuming, but a food processor will chop and blend the veg for you 

Magimix 3200 - has big bowls and little bowls, perfect for soup-making

Magimix 3200

You really fancy making homemade soup, but really can't be bothered chopping all that veg. With a food processor you won't have to. The Magimix 3200 will not only chop and dice your veg, it will pulse it into a soupy consistency once simmered too.

But what makes it stand out from other food processors? Well it's designed with soup-lovers in mind, coming with a BlenderMix attachment designed specifically for blending your chunky cooked veg into a lovely smooth soup. When you have kids and teenagers around, dinner can go from four settings to two in an instant - and the Magimix has different sized bowls so you can make the perfect quantity.

If you want further validation, Which? named it a Best Buy in its review of food processors. It said it's "a good all-rounder that is also good at blending soups and smoothies without the need for a separate jug blender."

Already own a food processor? What do you make in yours? Tell us in the comments below...