3 gadgets to deal with a bad hair day

Never have a bad hair day again. We’ve got top tech to tame those tresses, so you can look your best, every day.

22 Dec 2017


bad hair day gadgets

We’ve all been there. Your hair just won’t do what you want, so you have to give up and go out looking a lot worse for wear than you feel. Well with these gadgets, not any more…

You don’t need to spend hours combing and curling, straightening and spritzing. We’ve got some gadgets that will keep you looking fly with minimal effort.


1. Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer

dyson supersonic hairdryer

Easily one of the best-looking hairdryers out there, the Supersonic is also pretty clever. Its controlled temperature keeps your hair healthy and shiny, while Air Multiplier technology means you can dry your hair in a couple of minutes (depending on the volume of your hair).

It’s also acoustically tuned to be quieter on the ears and comes with extra accessories, so you can style away to your heart’s content.

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2. Phillips OneBlade Pro Trimmer

philips oneblade

If you’ve got short hair, you’ll want to keep those edges sharp. With the Phillips OneBlade Pro, you can shave, trim, or edge any length of hair, and you can use it wet or dry. The dual-sided blade makes it really easy to see what you’re doing and lasts for around 4 months, so you won’t have to keep buying new ones.

The lithium-ion battery can run for 90 minutes and it only needs an hour to recharge – so you can fit a quick trim in no matter how last minute your plans are.

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3. T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand

t3 whirl trio styling wandFixing your hair can be a bit of a nightmare. Straight hair doesn’t want to stay curled, curly hair doesn’t want to stay frizz-free, long hair takes forever to style, and short hair means you haven’t got much to work with.

Luckily, the T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand has adjustable heat settings and SinglePassTM technology, which delivers consistent heat to keep your hair healthy. You can get just the right kind of curl with the three different barrels, and switching between them is easy with the wand’s locking system.

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