Beat the A to Z of stains with Hotpoint

Wine, tan oil – even egg. Remove 40 different stains with Hotpoint washing machine technology…

03 Nov 2017


Don’t let a spillage spoil your day – Hotpoint can rid your clothes of at least 40 of the most stubborn stains at a cool 20°.

Hotpoint washing machines featuring Direct Injection technology get down to the nitty gritty of the grubbiest stains – from beer to white wine, egg yolk to honey.

hotpoint smart+

The Hotpoint Smart+ RSG 845 JGX is one of the washing machines that features Direct Injection tech. It gives your clothes a deeper clean with its premixed combination of water and detergent - letting you enjoy 60% better cleaning power for extra-clean laundry in less time.

Its Anti Stain Turbo tech creates a stain-busting cleaning foam to deliver a deep, fast-acting, cool clean at 20° keeping colours & fabrics safe – there’s no need to get hot and bothered.

So don’t cancel breakfast in bed for the sake of your sheets or wear your second-best dress for fear of a flying drink. Now, you can save your favourites even if accidents happen.

beat the a to z

Wash your way through the A to Z of stains with the Hotpoint Smart+ RSG 845 JGX Washing Machine