Beauty is in the eye of the holder of the hair straighteners...

22 Dec 2010


If you’re an easy target for addictive reality TV like me, you’ve probably seen ‘Peter Andre: The Next Chapter’. So you’ll have seen him flaunting his hair straighteners at the camera as he preens, straightens and shapes his hair like a peacock in a mating dance.

Whether you like the guy or not, you can’t deny he’s next in the line of metrosexual men who are making it perfectly acceptable for blokes to primp, groom and take up as much time in the bathroom as their lady-friends.

Shaving_Cream_4037 (10).JPG

According to a Men’s Grooming Report, one in four men use moisturiser everyday. You’ll probably also use conditioner and a fragrance as part of your everyday routine, but that’s just the very beginning.

Products aside, most likely the reason more men aren’t kitting out celeb-style with the latest grooming gadgets is that they’re just a little less adventurous than women when it comes to trialling everything and anything we can get our manicured hands on (sometimes resulting in skin the colour of a Fanta can or eyelashes that actually create breezes, but still fun)!

In the world of gadgetry there are some true nuggets out there that can sort out your grooming niggles without you having to get up more than 25 mins before you leave the house!

The very basic bathroom essential-ware for any man with hair. For the price of a few pints, kebab and cab home after work you can kit out with the Remington Navigator PG520 Personal Grooming Kit (£29). The stud-like silver and black design will ensure your missus doesn’t confuse her delicate lady-trimmer with yours and even the name sounds masculine (more like a sat nav model than a trimmer)! No longer just for the DIY haircut or the guy with the werewolf chest, grooming kits are useful for generally keeping you looking tidy at all times without having to visit to the barbers or the beauty salon (depending on whether you’re a Sphynx cat or a gorilla, you get the drift).

Hair Stylers/Straighteners
If you’ve got curly, thick or unruly hair, a cow-licked fringe or want to look like Zac Efron, then a mini blue BaByliss 2856BU Pro 200 Nano Straightener at less than £20, could be a welcome addition to your vanity case (sorry, toiletry bag)! Ok maybe you won’t be transformed into a fringe-flicking Hollywood star but mini stylers are made especially for short hair – straightening and compressing it so that it’s easier to style. It’s worth a try and who knows, maybe we’ll see Pete launch his own brand of styler to rival ex-wife Katie Price’s department store of own-brand products in ‘The Next Next Chapter’!

Handheld Massagers
The last item on the grooming gadget list will bring you contentment in more ways than one. In the 2010 Mens Grooming Report by cosmetics giant, L’Oreal, 50% of British Men were worried that the recession had left them looking tired. Stress hormones affect the skin and body in many dismal ways! The HoMedics PMQUAD Hand-held Massager is an incredibly simple but effective way to release tension in both yourself and your partner. And let’s face it, if she’s happier, you’re happier! At less than a tenner each, it’s also a brilliant gift for just about anyone.

So hopefully there’s a reason in there somewhere to entice you to be a little adventurous in the grooming stakes and for the lady readers, some gift ideas to encourage your man’s adventurous spirit (and save you from prickly kisses)!

Applach_Festival_1502.jpgUnless of course, prickly kisses, twisted ‘taches and ponytails are your thing!