4 reasons Hotpoint ovens are great

We love Hotpoint ovens, and we think you will to. Here´s why:


Technology can do amazing things to enrich our lives. We also know that it's often used to just make our everyday tasks much easier, so isn't it great that most products can do both; help us with our day-to- day activities, then be ready to do something special when the time is right?

One of the brands we think really champions this ideal for our customers is Hotpoint. Their range of appliances has been designed with intelligent features to make life better, to give great results and save you money by reducing energy consumption. And it seems you really like them; Hotpoint has an average score of 9.1 out of 10 on Reevoo.

We are especially excited about Hotpoint's latest Openspace integrated oven and Smart induction hob.

4 reasons why you'll think this Hotpoint oven and hob are great:

1) One oven - 4 levels, 2 temperatures

If you want to cook a roast with all the trimmings, this Openspace electric built-in oven is ideal. It has a huge 77 litre capacity that allows you to cook dishes on 4 different levels so plenty of space for the meat, spuds, Yorkshire puddings and roasted parsnips. You can also cook two different dishes at two different temperatures at the same time, thanks to its unique insulating divider.

2) Pizza or pastry - or both

From heating up a pizza to baking pastry, this oven has it all covered. It includes programmes that use a combination of the rear, bottom and top elements to ensure your pizza has a crispy base, and there's a golden finish to your pastry.

3) Fast cooking - less energy

For those week-day supper times when you just want to get a hot meal on the table as quick as possible, the oven benefits from a fast inner element that heats up the oven quickly and then switches to a more gentle heat for ongoing cooking to save up to 40% of cooking time. The induction hob provides instant heat that's 20% faster than a gas hob.

4) Easy cleaning - less elbow grease

Ovens and hobs can be a nuisance to clean and keep looking pristine. This oven has enamel easy-clean linings, while the induction hob has a flat surface and touch controls, so no fiddly knobs or buttons to contend with.

Of course Hotpoint don't just make ovens and hobs. Their range includes washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, and also small appliances too, including kettles and toasters, irons and microwaves. 

Here's an interesting fact for you. A Hotpoint appliance is sold every 19 seconds in the UK and you will find a Hotpoint appliance in 2 out of 3 UK homes. Show me more Hotpoint ovens.