Be prepared for Christmas with Bosch

Is your oven ready for the Christmas feast? Bosch can help...

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas dinner? The Bosch HBN331E3B electric oven can handle the big day with ease, delivering you perfect results every time.


The oven uses a 3D Hotair cooking system.  This uses the fan to ensure an even temperature across all shelf levels.  This is great for batch baking, no more swapping your trays of mince pies about, but also means you won’t get any transfer of flavours, allowing you to cook sweet and savoury items at the same time, the perfect solution for a busy kitchen on Christmas day.  

The oven also offers Hot Air Grilling, a great way to cook your turkey to perfection.   The Hot Air grill creates a rotisserie effect during the cooking process, and what’s great, it only uses half the energy of traditional roasting methods and delivers the same delicious results.

Chrimbo Turk

Getting it delivered and installed won’t add any extra hassle to your Christmas to-do list. Our Christmas elves – or Knowhow experts – are on hand to deliver at a time to suit and are fully qualified electrical engineers so they can install and set up your oven at the same time. If you want, they can even remove and recycle your old appliance too.

Even over the busy Christmas period, we can deliver so you can be sure everything’s ready for the big day – that’s a bit less stress off your mind while you prepare the family feast.

View the Bosch HBN331E3B by clicking here