Kitchen tech to de-stress Christmas dinner

Take the pressure out of cooking this Christmas with our top tips on the latest appliances.

24 Oct 2018



De-stress Christmas dinner

Does the thought of preparing Christmas dinner fill you with dread? Here’s how you can make the festive season a little easier for yourself…


Your fridge-freezer is your best friend

Clear out your fridge in mid-December for all the chilled Christmas food you’ll need to store.

If you’re constantly running out of fridge space, consider upgrading to a larger capacity American-style fridge freezer. With more space, you won't run into any issues storing the Yorkshire puds surplus.

To keep you prepared for Christmas morning, prep as much as you can in advance. You can keep and freeze all your trimmings – from gravy and pigs-in-blankets to braised red cabbage and bread sauce.

Samsung food showcase

The Samsung Food ShowCase has enough space for the biggest of festive feasts.

Here’s what’s great about it:

  • 405-litre fridge and 125-litre freezer – more than enough space for your turkey and all the trimmings
  • Wide-drawer CoolSelect pantry – store cold cuts and fresh veg at the perfect humidity for maximum freshness
  • Twin doors provide flexible storage – perfect for defrosting the turkey and chilling drinks at the same time
  • Consistent fridge temperature – open the door on one side without spoiling the temperature in the other half of the fridge
  • Innovative Showcase door – lets you grab whatever you need without having to open the main doors and let warm air in
  • Ice on tap – enjoy cold water and fresh ice straight from the built-in dispenser on the door

Get the Samsung Food ShowCase American-style fridge freezer

Still don’t think you’ll have enough space? Then why not consider a separate beer fridge or wine cooler


Two ovens are better than one

Cooking Christmas dinner in one oven can cause a lot of headaches. There’s all sorts of timings and temperatures to keep in mind. The turkey needs roasting, the potatoes need crisping up, and that’s not forgetting the carrots, parsnips, pigs in blankets and everything else that needs to be cooked in-time. It’s a real hot-pan juggling act!

AEG 60cm

That’s why a double oven will suit perfectly. With the AEG 60cm Electric Induction Cooker you can roast your turkey in the main oven on a low heat while your potatoes and extra trimmings cook at a higher temperature in the top oven.

It’s also got a SteamBake feature – perfect for locking nutrients into veg, keeping your roast turkey moist and adding a perfect golden crust to your pastry.

And its induction hob is a dream to use. As fast and flexible as gas heat, you can switch between boiling and simmering in moments. Plus, it’s safer and easier to clean.

Get the AEG CIS6741ECM 60 cm Electric Induction Cooker


Delegate the dishes

Samsung Dishwasher

If you can’t bear the thought of doing the dishes after your Christmas dinner then invest in a full size dishwasher – like the Samsung DW60M6040BB/EU. Its A++ energy rating means it’s super-economical, while allowing you to:

  • Clean up to 13 place settings in a single wash – it can handle even the biggest Christmas gathering
  • Tackle the most stubborn posts and pans – thanks to an Intensive Wash cycle
  • Run a wash while guests are still there – it’s super quiet
  • Wash half loads – ideal if you’re planning a cosy Christmas for two

Get the Samsung DW60M6040BB/EU


The Christmas clear up

Christmas dinner challenges your oven and hob – fat splatters and smokes, gravy spills and something inevitably boils over. The last thing you want to be doing on Christmas evening is scrubbing the oven or stove top. An induction hob simply wipes clean.

Bosch Electric induction oven

As for the oven – how about one that cleans automatically so you don’t have to? Like the Bosch HBS573BS0B.

Pyrolytic electric ovens like the Bosch can beset to auto-clean mode – heating to 500°C and reducing food deposits to a tiny pile of ash. Leave it on for around 2 hours – while you sit down to watch your favourite TV Christmas special – and job done. All you need to do is let it cool down you'll be able to wipe away the ash pile in seconds.

Get the Bosch HBS573BS0B


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