Save space with built-in appliances

Splashing out on a stylish new kitchen or creating more room in a small one? Integrated appliances could transform your home…

19 Jan 2018


Built in appliances

Washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, cooker hobs and fridges all come in integrated form. They’re built-in to your units and cunningly disguised by cupboard doors, giving your kitchen a modern, seamless look. You can even entertain your friends with games of hunt the appliance.


Why go for integrated appliances?

  • Save counter space – microwaves and ovens can live in perfect harmony side by side in your wall
  • Make your kitchen work better for you – a built-in oven at eye level means less bending down
  • Don’t cramp your style – say goodbye to freestanding appliances that stick out at an angle and don’t match your units
  • Open-plan feel – your kitchen will seem bigger without freestanding fridges or cookers

How are integrated appliances different?

They’re installed into your kitchen units and worktops, or fixed to cupboard doors. The idea is that they blend in with your kitchen furniture. Usually they measure the same as standard-sized kitchen units which makes them narrower and shorter than freestanding appliances.


Built-in oven

Sleek and sophisticated, a built-in oven is easy on the eye, but can also change the way you cook.

Benefits of built-in ovens…

  • Place it at eye level – see how your beef joint and roasties are coming along, and don’t strain your back and knees taking food in and out
  • Mix and match hobs and ovens – you're free to choose the type, model and style of both
  • Easy to clean with enclosed design – no more pulling out the cooker to pick up scraps of pasta that have fallen down the sides

Why not try… AEG BCS552020M Electric Oven

AEG Electric Oven

This extra-large oven has 10 different cooking features – perfect for making a feast for the whole family. And the clever SenseCookTM allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your bakes so the Sunday roast comes out perfectly each and every time.

Get the AEG Electric Oven in stainless steel


Integrated hobs

Incorporated in your kitchen worktops, built-in hobs look fantastic. Plus, you can put the hob where it’s convenient for you as it’s separate to the oven.

Benefits of integrated hobs…

  • Choose between electric, gas or induction – regardless of your oven
  • They’re designed to fit average kitchen worktops, which measure around 60cm (600mm) deep
  • Make it work for you – save space with 2 or 3 hob burners, or go with 5 hob plates plus added wok burner

Why not try… Bosch Electric Induction Hob

Bosch induction hob

This 60cm hob is a great addition to any kitchen. Much faster than a conventional hob, it can boil a pan of water almost 3 times quicker than a ceramic hob. It generates heat via special magnets that heat the pan directly – and it’s easy to clean because spills won’t get burnt on to the hob.

Get the Bosch Induction Hob


Fridge freezer

Big, tall but essential – a conventional fridge freezer tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Go integrated to blend your most noticeable appliance into your kitchen’s design.

Benefits of integrated fridge freezer…

  • Often slimmer than freestanding fridge freezers (designed to fit a 60cm gap)
  • Blends into your kitchen’s design by sitting behind cupboard doors, with trailing cables concealed
  • Easy to clean – no one likes cleaning down the sides of a grotty fridge

Why not try… Samsung integrated 70/30 fridge freezer

samsung integrated fridge freezerWith this, you get 194 litres of fridge and 72 litres of freezer space. The slim walls create extra room for storing food – ideal for large families who batch cook and devour dairy. Plus, you’ll never have to bother with defrosting again thanks to True No Frost technology. 

Get the Samsung Integrated Fridge Freezer


Washing machine

Tired of your boxy, not-so-pretty washing machine ruining your oh-so-pretty kitchen? With an integrated machine you can shut it out of sight so you don’t have to air your dirty laundry in public.

Benefits of an integrated washing machine...

  • Seamlessly blends into your kitchen’s style – a big white washing machine can never be shabby chic
  • They’re often quieter to run as they’re soundproofed by your kitchen cupboards
  • Keep your smalls and other delicates out of sight when friends are over – spare your blushes

Why not try… Beko Select WMI61241

beck select washing machine

You get versatility and discretion with this Beko. It has 16 wash programmes, including Dark Care and Baby and Toddler for sensitive skins. Need clean gym gear fast? A full load on quick wash takes just 39 minutes.

Get the Beko Select WMI61241



Wash those dishes right out of your hair with an integrated machine that you can shut away – out of sight, out of mind.

Benefits of an integrated dishwasher...

  • Load up the dishes, shut the door and forget about it ‘til morning
  • Slimmer ones free up more space for storage, while the largest ones can wash more than 14 place settings
  • Low noise level – ideal for open-plan living

Why not try… AEG ComfortLift

AEG ComfortLift

We heart this integrated dishwasher as it lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards to make loading and unloading less of a hassle. As well as protecting fragile plates and glasses, it also uses less water and energy to get your dishes sparklingly clean.

Get the AEG ComfortLift


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