Should I spend more on a dream kitchen?

Working out what to spend, and where, can be tricky, but if you build your perfect kitchen you’ll never want to leave…

08 Sep 2018


Dream kitchen

So, you’ve decided 2019 is the year your long-planned kitchen renovation gets under way.

Style-wise you know exactly what you’re after, with piles of dog-eared interior mags, Pinterest boards and Instagram #KitchenGoals providing inspo.

But how much should you spend on your layout and appliances? See our guide for help...


Follow the 5-15% rule

Okay, setting a budget isn’t the most glamorous part of redesigning a kitchen, but it is important. It’s widely accepted among design experts that you should spend no less than 5% and no more than 15% of the current value of your home on renovating a kitchen.

That means if your house is worth £200,000 you shouldn’t be spending any more than £30,000 on a new kitchen as you won’t recoup your investment if you decide to sell.

Always budget for the unexpected. Keep a little extra aside in case of any nasty surprises under the floorboards or behind the walls – or for if you decide you need to upscale your cooker in coming years.

Philips Hue

Savvy design ideas it’s worth spending on

As you’ll be spending so much time in your lovely new kitchen, it’s vital you get the layout rightand that you know exactly how much of your budget you want to spend on things like units and flooring. Want a really sleek, sophisticated finish? Try:

  • Deep-base cabinet drawers and a pull-out pantry so you’re not struggling to reach pans stuck at the back
  • Taller wall cabinets that make use of high ceilings and create extra storage space
  • Statement surface for your kitchen island – a granite top with an eye-catching pattern, perhaps?
  • Smart lighting from Philips Hue for setting an elegant scene in your kitchen. What is Philips Hue?

Should I spend more on kitchen tech?

Should I pay more for kitchen tech?

If you don’t often eat in or entertain at home, you don’t have to spend loads on appliances. But if you love to cook and regularly have guests round, you’ll want your dream kitchen to be kitted out with professional-grade appliances built to last.

Invest in the gadgets you think you’ll use most, such as an oven that cleans itself or a smart fridge-freezer with anti-freeze technology. Get the tech right to suit your lifestyle and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Remember that premium appliances often have longer guarantees for you added peace of mind down the line. And no matter how you use your kitchen, you’ll save energy (and money) if you search out energy-efficient models.

One of the big decisions is whether you opt for freestanding or built-in appliances.

Integrated fridge

Integrated appliances

They’re slickly concealed behind your kitchen units and drawers to bring a fluid, continuous look and feel to your kitchen. They may cost up to 50% more than freestanding appliances, but for that you get a neat, sophisticated appearance and a more practical, spacious kitchen. No more squeezing past your family to reach the fridge! Read more about built-in appliances

Freestanding appliances

They're designed for all budgets, and they’re more flexible in terms of features and choice. They’ve also come a long way looks-wise, with premium freestanding fridge-freezers and washing machines often finished in black or grey stainless steel. And they come with lots of clean lines and elegant touches. And they come with the hottest new tech too.LG American-Style

Take the LG American-Style Fridge Freezer, which blends premium design with innovative door-in-door technology. Simply knock twice to check what’s inside your fridge without having to open the door. It’s very cool, in all senses of the word.

Check out the LG American-Style Fridge Freezer


Appliances and accessories to add a touch of class

If your budget can stretch to those kitchen luxuries that aren’t essential but are nice to have, why not consider these premium choice?

AEG SenseCook

  • Electric cooker that keeps tabs on your food temperature. Know exactly when your food is heated through with the AEG SenseCook oven.

Montpellier Wine Cooler

  • Wine cooler with temperature zones for the perfect glass of red, white or rosé, we love this Montpellier wine cooler.

AEG Induction Hob

Rangemaster Kitchener 90

Samsung QuickDrive

  • Samsung QuickDrive washing machines let you add missed items during the cycle. Very handy if you find a stray sock after you’ve put on a load. Buy the Samsung QuickDrive


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