Top ovens to help you cook amazing meals

Bring the restaurant to your kitchen with these pro-quality ovens, and make the most of your meals every time.

14 Jan 2019


What better feeling is there than having people round for dinner, and the meal comes out just as you planned? We’ve picked out three great ovens that’ll help you prepare food just like the professionals do.


Bosch HBS573BS0B Electric Oven

You’re guaranteed happy house guests with this Bosch stainless steel electric oven. Cooking is easy with 10 automatic programmes that prepare your food perfectly, whatever you’re cooking.

We’ve all asked ourselves whether something should go on the top shelf, in the middle or at the bottom, but with 3D Hotair, heat will be distributed evenly throughout the oven, so you don’t need to worry whether the veg needs a separate shelf to the Yorkshires.

bosch electric oven

Oh, and here’s what makes this oven really clever – it’s a Pyrolytic oven which cleans itself so you don’t have to. It heats the oven to a high temperature, reducing any dirt to ash. Then you just wipe it away later. Now that really is a result.

So you get amazing food, easy cleaning and 10 automatic programmes. What’s not to like?

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HOTPOINT Class 4 SI4 854 C IX Electric Oven

Here’s a question. How do you get restaurant quality food without setting foot in a restaurant? Well, here’s one way of doing it. With this Hotpoint electric oven.

You can be a beginner, but cook like a pro thanks to Multiflow heat technology, which gives you an even temperature throughout your oven for thorough cooking results.

hotpoint oven

You can also crisp meats and vegetables quickly and evenly with the full-width tilting grill. The result – amazingly tasty food every time.

And if you’re worried about cleaning being a bit of a nightmare, well, don’t. The self-cleaning catalytic liners naturally burn away any food residue and fats while you're cooking. And because the grill tilts, it’s easy to get in there.

For great food that’s evenly cooked, this is the oven for you.

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Samsung Dual Cook Flex Electric Oven

What makes this oven really special is the Dual Cook™ technology it has onboard. This will let you cook at two different temperatures at the same time in one oven.

You’ll be multitasking like a professional cook and making the very most of your oven space – and no skimping with the trimmings, as you’ll be able to cook it all in one go!


Here’s how it works: simply split your oven into separate sections using the divider shelf, and control those two sections however you want. So you might pop the beef in one section, and the spuds in the other – and both will turn out perfectly.

Cooking for one? Save energy by keeping just one part of the oven heating up. You’ll get your food faster too!

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