7 signs your fridge freezer is on its last legs

Sour milk, bumps in the night and astronomically high energy bills. Here are 7 signs that your fridge-freezer may be on its way out…

17 Jan 2018


electricity bills

1. Food going off before its use-by date?

There’s nothing worse than opening a carton of milk and discovering it’s turned sour. Or that your cheese is a little stinkier than it should be. Especially when it’s not even reached its use-by date.

Food turning quickly is a tell-tale sign your fridge is struggling to keep temperature. Particularly in the warmer months when it has to work harder to keep its cool.

Your refrigerator may be losing its cool for a number of reasons:

  • The thermostat has given up the ghost and is refusing to chill out
  • Condenser coils are dusty – these are easy to clean once you know how, but if in doubt call in a pro
  • The motor is working overtime as the condenser coils are running too hot

Before your weekly food bill hits astronomical heights you may want to have an engineer look at it or invest in a new one.

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7 signs fridge freezer

2. Electricity bills on the up?

A sudden spike in your monthly energy bills – even when your day-to-day usage hasn’t changed – could be caused by faulty kitchen appliances.

Fridge-freezers are the worst offenders as – unlike your oven or dishwasher – they are on 24/7.

Although it is a little annoying the demise of your faithful ice box may not be the end of the world. Investing in a newer model can be an expense upfront but it’ll pay for itself in the long run.

If you’re thinking of changing your fridge keep an eye out for those with higher European energy labels such as A+++.

According to energy saving advice portal – TheGreenAge – a new A++ rated model will cost just £25 a year to run. Fridge-freezers over 20 years old cost a whopping £160 a year to run. That old beer fridge in garage could be costing you more than you think!

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winter wonderland

3. Does the inside of your refrigerator resemble a winter wonderland?

While a little bit of water or ice on the back wall of your fridge is perfectly normal, if you feel like you’re stepping into Narnia every time you open the door there could be a problem. (Especially if a talking lion jumps out.)

Your fridge should be cold but not so cold it resembles Elsa’s ice palace – or that you need to hack away at it to make space for your food.

Sometimes it can be easily fixed with a new door seal – but if that doesn’t work your fridge could be on the way out.

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Lights on

4. Are the lights on but nobody home?

You’re probably used to hearing the gentle hum of our refrigerator. But what if it stops?

If the sound stops and the internal light goes out it probably means you’ve just lost power. Flicking the trip switch or calling your electricity board should do the trick.

But if the hum goes and the light stays on it could signal trouble afoot in the form of a broken compressor.

Try fixing it by:

  • Turning the thermostat to its coldest setting to see if you can jump-start it back to life
  • Defrosting the fridge
  • Turning it off and on again – if that doesn’t work turn it off for 24-hours and then restart it

If it starts again this could be a sign that there is a problem with the defrosting system – this is easily repaired.

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fridge freezer puddle

5. Is it sitting in a puddle?

A leaky fridge could be caused by any number of problems – many of which can be fixed with the right parts and a little know how.

Before you rush out to buy a new one check the following: 

  • Is the door shutting properly? If the existing door seal is worn you may just need a new one
  • Is the drip pan broken? Check this by removing it and pouring in water to see if it runs back out again
  • Is your fridge very frosty? If so defrosting it should solve the problem
  • Are the hoses from the fridge to the drip pan loose? These could just need tightening or replacing

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6. Is your fridge more Sahara than Antarctica?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out if your fridge is hot there is a problem.

It probably means the motor fan is broken and isn't doing its job. Replacing it is an option – but if the cost of the part and repair is too much buying a new fridge-freezer may be a wiser option in the long haul.

knock fridge

7. Knock, knock – who’s there?

Your fridge might hum but it should never knock, bang or clatter.

If it does this – or the humming stop-starts – it might be that something is loose like the motor shaft or compressor flywheel.

Or a part is on its way out – a faulty compressor, condenser fan or condenser coil are common causes of a noisy refrigerator.

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