Inside the nation´s fridges -Tips and tricks to keep your fridge clean and organised #FridgeHacks

We recently asked you to send in your tips and tricks for keeping your fridges clean, tidy and organised. Read on to find out the nations best #FridgeHacks...

15 Oct 2013


We recently asked our community to send in their best tips and tricks for keeping their fridges clean, tidy and organised.

It seems that we're a savvy and resourceful nation, using everything from labels, sandwich clips, Tupperware, and even Lego figurines to keep our fridges (and families) in check.

Here are our favourite #FridgeHacks, as sent in by you...

1) Use sliced lemons to keep your fridge smelling fresh.

The power of the lemons will add a fresh scent and remove odours. Plus it's a natural, eco-friendly alternative to store bought fresheners (but remember to keep an eye out and replace your lemony fridge de-funkers before they start to turn).

#FridgeHack Ho Hong.jpeg

(Image sent in by Hong Ho from Kent)

2) Organise your fridge/freezer into zones.

Some foods store better at certain temperatures. Take eggs, for example, these like to be kept at a constant temperature, so should be kept in the centre of your fridge. And meat should always be placed on the lowest shelf - to avoid any drippy juices falling onto your other food.

Top tip: never put fruit and veg in the same drawer as your meats - it can lead to contamination and cause the food to spoil.

If you have someone in the family who has particular dietary requirements - i.e. vegetarian, dairy free, etc - try storing their food in a separate section so it is easily identifiable.

#FridgeHack Eve Connor.jpeg

(Image sent in by Eve Connor from Devon)

If you don't have dedicated storage draws, then tubs or plastic boxes can be just as effective.

#FridgeHack Lisa Hughes.jpeg

(Image sent in by Lisa Hughes from West Yorkshire)

3) Banish the weekday evening meal mayhem

If you plan ahead and work from a meal plan, store your food in sections by each day of the week. This way, you won't be rummaging around your the contents of your fridge to find that vital ingredient for your midweek meal.

#FridgeHack Lyn Bosomworth.jpeg

(Image sent in by Lyn Bosomworth from Tyne and Wear)

4) Get savvy with your storage

Don't let all that healthy fruit & vege go to wast. Wipe off pens are handy for recording the food you have in each compartment.

And never underestimate the power of the sandwich bag clip - keep a stash in a nearby draw to seal up and loose packets.

#FridgeHack Fiona Haward.jpeg

(Image sent in by Fiona Haward from Devon)

5) Tupperware is your friend!

If you have edible leftovers, don't chuck them out. As a nation we throw away over 15 million tonnes of food (Love Food, Hate Waste, 2013). Instead, store them in clear Tupperware pots to eat the next day or later in the week. Or if you don't have any Tupperware, keep hold of those used take-away pots and give them new life by using them to store your leftovers.

But be careful not to leave them there too long - be savvy with sticky notes and label your leftovers so you know when to eat them by.

#FridgeHack Jo Pilkington.jpeg

(Image sent in by Jo Pilkington from Greater Manchester)

6) No more 'who ate my chocolate' moments

If your chocolaty treats always disappear before you get to settle down in front of your favourite TV show, send a gentle reminder to the culprits with laminated labels.

#FridgeHack Jemma Webster.jpeg

(Image sent in by Jemma Webster from Norfolk)

And if that doesn't work, you could always enlist your own Lego army to stand guard over your scrummy treats!

#FridgeHack Katy Spence.jpeg

(Image sent in by Katy Spence from Lincolnshire)

 Do you have any handy tricks to keep your fridge/freezer shipshape? Tell us in the comments section below...