Should I buy a smart fridge?

More than just a gimmick, smart fridge-freezers help you stay on top of family life. Here’s how…

Samsung Family Hub

How great would it be if your fridge-freezer could send you a shopping list direct to your phone? Or even better, you could order your food shop straight from the fridge? Well, it’s now possible.

Meet the Samsung Family Hub, a Wi-Fi enabled ‘smart’ fridge that’s packed with clever tech.


Shop smart and eat fresh

At the shops but not sure if you’ve got enough milk left for breakfast? Or if the salad for tonight’s dinner is in date? Worry not. Three cameras in the Family Hub take photos of its contents every time you close the fridge door – which you can view via the Samsung SmartThings app even when you’re not at home.

You can…

  • Check whether you need milk or something for dinner from your smartphone using the cameras and app
  • Tag food using the touchscreen so you know when it’s reached its use-by-date
  • Pull up recipes on the fridge’s touchscreen and create shopping lists to send to your smartphone

Stay on top of family life

Stay on top of family life

We all do it. Stick a note to the fridge reminding us to collect the dry cleaning. Or the letter from school about sports day, so we don’t forget. Well, the Family Hub takes using the fridge door to organise family life to a whole new level.

Samsung has made it a touchscreen – your very own interactive whiteboard to navigate day-to-day family life.

Use the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator screen to:

  • Send to-do lists and reminders from your smartphone to the screen
  • Have favourite family photos on display
  • Show your smartphone calendar – know what’s coming up and when
  • Sync with multiple smartphones to create one family calendar
  • Play music while you’re cooking with music streaming and built-in speakers
  • Connect it to a Samsung TV (2015 6400 models and above) and watch your favourite TV shows while you cook

Samsung Family Hub

Flexible refrigeration for family life

Smart technology aside, some really clever engineering features keep your food in tip-top condition.

There’s no intermingling of odours between the fridge and the freezer thanks to Twin Cooling Plus – so strong odours like the pong of cheese or wafts of fish won’t travel between compartments.

And you can create custom cooling areas in the fridge thanks to FlexZone. On the American-style model the bottom right door can switch between fridge or freezer with a touch of a button.

There are 5 different temperature settings and a Triple Cooling System that keeps the fridge at the right temperature and humidity so food lasts for longer.

Check out the Samsung American-Style Family Hub

Samsung Family Hub Regular

Or the regular sized Family Hub


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