Texting your fridge - the smart home has well and truly landed.

Ever fancied texting your fridge from the bus to check whether you have any beers in? Or turning off your lights and TV at night by simply saying ´Goodnight´?

13 Jan 2014


Ever fancied texting your fridge from the bus to check whether you have any beers in? Or turning off your lights and TV at night by simply saying 'Goodnight'?
Soon you'll be able to do all of this and more, for the technologies were among a number on show at CES 2014  in Las Vegas which proved the smart home has well and truly landed. 

Samsung Smart Home

Internet of things starts at home

The internet of things is the term used to describe how everything from fridges and washing machines to toothbrushes and TVs are becoming connected to the internet.
A recent report from Cisco predicted there will be 25 million devices connected to the internet by next year, and 50 billion by 2020.
And at CES 2014 the internet of things started at home - with Samsung and LG leading the way with devices and appliances which hook up to your smartphone to be controlled remotely.

Samsung Smart Home

At CES Samsung unveiled Smart Home, a service which enables "smart TVs, home appliances and smartphones to be connected and managed through a single integrated platform".
With it you'll be able to turn off your TV and lights by simply saying 'going out' into your Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Day One Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch On Wrist At IFA

Smart Home comprises of three main features:
Device Control - This allows you to switch off your air-con or turn on your lights from outside your home or even when overseas. Samsung says: "At the touch of a dedicated Smart Home app icon on their device, the service enables users to control one or multiple devices simultaneously no matter where they are."
Home View - Ever worry about your home when you're on holiday or out for the day? With Home View you'll be able to check out what's happening via your smartphone or tablet in real time thanks to cameras inside your TVs and kitchen appliances.
Customer Service - Never sure whether your washing machine or fridge are in good working order? Your appliances will communicate with your smartphone when something needs repairing or replacing.  

Text your fridge with LG

LG Smart Fridge

A recent study from Deloitte found that this year we will send 21 billion text messages and 50 billion instant messages - but how many of these will be to our appliances?
At CES 2014 LG unveiled a range of appliances that you can text with questions. The talking home appliances will then text back telling you how many beers you have left in the fridge, or how long a washing cycle has left.
Announcing the HomeChat service, David VanderWaal, the firm's head of appliance brand marketing in the US, said: "You no longer need to learn machine commands. Just speak naturally and your oven will understand you."

Kitchen revolution

By connecting previously inanimate devices to the web, the internet of things is set to revolutionise everyday life - and the smart home is one of the biggest examples of this transformation.
But what do you think? Is texting your fridge a fad or the future? Let us know in the comments below.