From obsessive to people-pleasing, what does your coffee choice say about you?

People who enjoy a milky latte are more likely to be people pleasers, while those like an espresso are no-nonsense - but what about you?

25 Sep 2013


Coffee - we all love it. Whether served steaming in a paper cup on the street or made at home in a coffee machine, us Britons knock back 70 million cups every day.

But the type of coffee inside those cups - from milky latte to short, sharp espresso - can say a lot about our personalities…

Woman Drinking Coffee

That's according to a study, which reckons - among others - that people who enjoy a milky latte are more likely to be people pleasers.

Some 1,000 people were surveyed by clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula. People were asked what type of coffee they drink and given multiple-choice answers to how they react to being in a queue, planning dinner parties and other things.

How about you? See yourself in any of the below?

Black coffee drinkers 'no-nonsense' folk

Man Drinking Espresso

Ordering a coffee these days can be a complicated affair. Mocha or frappe, to syrup or not and hot or extra hot? The questions come thick and fast. So perhaps it's unsurprising to hear those ordering a simple, straight black coffee appreciate a simple life.

Yep, if you line up for an espresso on a Saturday morning the study has you down as a creature of habit who likes things to be straightforward. However, it also says you can be moody and abrupt - perhaps this is when the person in front of you is ordering a pimped-up, special-edition latte with more add-ons than a boy racer's Vauxhall Corsa.

Cappuccino lovers 'likely to be obsessive'

Always insist on ordering for your friends and choosing their syrup shot for them? You could well be ordering yourself a cappuccino, the research suggests. Boffins say if you like your coffee frothy then you're more likely to be obsessive and a bit controlling (ouch). Cappuccinos may be pretty mild - all milk and hot air - but as they say opposites attract… with more than the coffee getting in a froth according to this study.

Latte lovers 'like to please'

You may be hoping to have a latte when you meet up with your pal in town, but you could well end up letting them choose for you - as well as an outfit you really didn't like for that night on the town later. The study suggests latte drinkers are eager to please other people and happy to go out of their way to help others (was that you giving the young mum a lift down the steps with her pram while she held onto her chocolate shortbread?). With the study saying latte drinkers are more neurotic, you could well be worrying about whether you did the right thing regardless, whether you let your friend pick your coffee and clothes or chose your own.

Frappe drinkers like to 'make a statement'

Teenage Frappe

Prefer your coffee blended with ice and drunk through a straw? Then you're likely to be a 'socially bold' type who likes to make a statement, researchers reckon. Your choices may not always be healthy, but you're always ahead of the curve and like the latest coffee to go with your latest fashions and furnishings. That's according to the survey anyway, which has frappe drinkers down as trendy Nathan Barley types with the latest trendy threads and gadgets - if only, I say. Anyway, next time I see a hipster in skin-tight jeans sauntering in under a mass of curly hair, perhaps I'll bet my mate a fiver that I know what drink he'll order…

The findings were published in You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life.

See yourself in the above profiles or do you beg to differ? Let us know either way in the comments below….