Go from bed-head to boardroom with a Nespresso coffee

With the Nespresso CitiZ we can create coffee in our kitchens that’d see baristas offer begrudging applause

13 Dec 2012


TS Eliot once wrote 'I've measured out my life in coffee spoons' and when you consider how much we get through, most of us probably could.


More than 70 million cups of coffee are drank in Britain every day with our appreciation of the bean ranging from the decadence of a steaming shop-bought latte to the freeze-dried stuff sheepishly lurking in our kitchen cupboard.

For many the difference between freeze-dried and fresh-ground is wider than the chasm separating a Ferrari and Del Boy's three-wheeled van, but thankfully Nespresso coffee machines are here to fill the gap.

Coffee is the first thing many of us think about as we emerge from our beds sporting the kind of messy hair and streaked make-up seen backstage at a Kiss after-show party. To those in the club, the elixir is what kryptonite is to Superman - transforming them from bed-heads to high-fliers in less time than it takes for Clark Kent to disappear into a phone box and emerge in seriously lurid spandex.  

Starting the day with freshly ground coffee used to mean spending loads of money on chrome-plated Italian kit better looking than a supermodel or dashing down to the local Starbucks in your flannel pyjamas. Thankfully, times have changed and machines such as the Nespresso CitiZ mean we can create coffee in our kitchens that'd see even the best baristas offering begrudging applause.  

Research from Nespresso reveals coffee is the drink of ambition, with more than 70% of senior managers guzzling it down before important boardroom meetings.

They don't come much more ambitious than the latest crop of Apprentice candidates. Although they may be all braces, briefcases and bluster in the boardroom their day begins in chaos with a surprise call from Lord Sugar and lots of hopping about in odd socks and awful boxers.

The point is we all start the day in the same way - utter chaos.

Whether you spend your days flying high or tending to a toddler's cry, mornings are bedlam. The trip from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen is full of banana skins as we wander about absent-mindedly. Pouring milk on our toast, putting our jumper on the wrong way round and slotting the cereal box back in the fridge - we've all been there.

But the Nespresso is designed to make sure when it comes to your coffee the only thing steaming is your mug.

Recognising the need for calm and order, the CitiZ brings a little Zen back to your kitchen with capsules containing the perfect amount of coffee. While we're talking about perfect, the machine can be programmed to create a cup tailored to suit your taste. No more crying over spilt milk, or snivelling about sugar sprinkled on your worktop.

With no filters to fiddle with or percolators to position you can enjoy a moment of relative calm - even if your kitchen is busier than London St Pancras as you go about feeding the toddler, getting the kids out of the door or preparing for a big-bucks breakfast meeting.

Getting everyone out of the house on time takes more planning than the Olympics but the last thing you want is to remember you've left something switched on while you're on the school run or munching your way through a power pastry in a swanky meeting room.

At least with the CitiZ that stress won't be coffee related: The machine switches itself off after half an hour.
Whether you're a high-flier or a busy mum the Nespresso can help get your day off on the right foot - even if you got out of the wrong side of bed.