How can smart tech help in the kitchen?

Big, small and everything in-between, there’s a whole load of smart tech for stress-free cooking...

18 May 2020


Ever wanted to cook faster, better and more easily? Yes, yes and yes?

Well then smart kitchen tech might be what you need.

But what do we mean by smart tech? When we say it here, we’re talking about connected smart tech. That’s where an appliance or gadget connects to the internet or another device to supercharge its usefulness.

While some of us might be wanting the deluxe kitchen of the future, others might just want a helping hand on something specific. So, we’ve broken it down. Here are some of the ways smart tech, big and small, can make a difference in the kitchen.


Tiny kitchen tasks

A smart home assistant, like an Alexa or a Google Home, can make cooking a breeze.

If you need to set a timer all you have to do is ask. Great when your hands are too dirty to handle your phone or you’re busy with something else.

You can have multiple timers on the go too. So, if you have a Google home for example, just say ‘Hey Google, set a 30-minute timer for roast potatoes’.

Or using an American recipe and needed cups converted to grams? No problem. Just have a word with your smart assistant!


Getting organised

There are loads of ways to make sorting your shopping list 10x easier. As above, you could ask your voice assistant to add something whenever a new item pops into your head.

If you want to really take it to the next level, think about a smart fridge. Take the Samsung Family Hub. The built-in touchscreen lets you leave notes and reminders on the fridge door. You can even create a family calendar so everyone stays on top of their day.

The fridge also has cameras inside so you can see what you’re running low on. Even if you’re mid-way through your shop, you can just whip your phone out and check the app. No more dry cereal because you’ve forgot the milk!


Keeping you entertained

We’ve already mentioned one of the benefits of having a wifi-enabled touchscreen built into your kitchen tech. But it’s also a good way to fill the time when you’re waiting for the pasta to boil. Or to distract the kids from trying to ‘help’.

The Hoover Vision Electric Smart Oven’s touchscreen door is also Bluetooth enabled. Connect it to your smart speaker and you can watch TV shows, check out Instagram or play your music on Spotify.


Trying new recipes

If any of your kitchen tech is voice-assisted, you’ll have access to a ton of recipe apps. One of the best is Tasty, the popular Buzzfeed recipe site. Download their voice assistant app to your Google Home or Alexa and you’ll have hundreds of step-by-step recipes to cook along to.

That Hoover Smart Oven I mentioned though? It takes it to the next level. You can actually upload and save your favourite recipes into the oven. It’ll remember the cooking mode, time and temperature so you get it perfect every time. Or just browse even more recipes and cooking tutorials on the touchscreen.



One of the best things about smart tech is the time it frees up. In the living room watching the telly? Getting a bit of extra work done? No big deal. With a smart microwave or hob you can turn it on from your phone. Your food’s ready when you are.

And there’s good news for coffee fiends too. Get yourself a smart coffee maker. When you wake up, you can just roll over and turn it on from your phone. By the time you’ve got to the kitchen, your favourite cup’s waiting for you. And because you’ve already programmed exactly how you like it, it’s always amazing.


Staying healthy

Calorie counting can be a pain. For a start, there’s keeping track of everything. And then there’s remembering the value of each type of food.

Smart scales make it easy. The SHSAP3000B, for example, is a digital scale that connects with an app on your phone. That way you’ve got everything recorded in one place – sorting out portions and calories in one swoop.


That’s just the start. There’s way more that smart kitchen tech can do. Just take a look on the Currys PC World website to find out more.