How to cool your home in a heatwave

Keep cool and carry on in the hot weather this summer with our top tips for cooling your home…

24 Jul 2018


How to cool your home in a heatwave

As most of us don’t have the luxury of air conditioning in our homes, we need to make use of other tech to stop ourselves from wilting in a heatwave.


Blast your face with cool airDyson Hot & Cool Fan Heater

Feeling hot and muggy? An uninterrupted flow of smooth, cool air should help. Dyson fans are bladeless – so the air flow isn’t chopped up by fan blades.

No blades is also safer for little hands. And if you’re trying to have a summer siesta, the Dyson fans are much quieter than regular fans.

Stay cool with a Dyson fan


Prep your home for hay fever season

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier

Sniffles and stinging eyes cast a shadow over summer for many people, with the hay fever season running from March to October.

You can tackle the pollens that make it from your garden into your home with an air purifier. The Dyson Hot + Cool Link will help remove pollens from the air. The fan is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by Allergy Standards Limited. 

Purify the pollen with the Dyson Hot + Cool Link


Make a lip-smacking smoothie

Nutribullet Pro 900

Fresh fruit and crushed ice. There’s nothing like a smoothie to refresh you on a sweltering day. Enjoy stress-free smoothie making with the NutriBullet Pro 900. Chuck in a few ice cubes, fresh fruit and mint and let the blender do its magic.

Powerful blades pulverise ice and pulp fruit into juicy goodness. You can even add seeds and nuts for added clean eating kudos.

Make smoothies with the NutriBullet Pro 900 in champagne


Get ice on tap with a new fridge

Beko Ice Fridge

Ice clinking in your tumbler goes hand in hand with a lazy summer afternoon. But you always forget to make the cubes. Get yourself a fridge with an ice dispenser.

Mounds of ice on tap is the perfect way to cool down. Pour yourself some juice, and add the good stuff with a simple push of your glass. Nice cold ice cold.

Check out our fridges with ice on tap


4 quick fixes to keep cool

1. Drop the blinds before leaving for work

It’s nice to throw your curtains wide open on a summer’s day to let in some sunlight. But at the same time no one wants to live in a greenhouse. Come home to a cool house by leaving your blinds down while you’re at the office.

2. Get help from your cooker – yes, really!

This might sound a bit silly, but when the heat is really unbearable, make the most of any built-in fans you have. Cooker hoods and bathroom extractor fans can be unlikely allies on a sweltering afternoon. They’ll pull out the hot air which always rises to the top of a room.

3. Throw open inside doors

At night when the air is cooler, keep inside doors open. Cool air coming in through open windows will be able to circulate around your home. Set up your fan near the window and you might create a soothing breeze as you sleep. With Dyson’s bladeless fans you can be sure of minimum disruption – they run super quiet.

4. Sleep in cotton or silk

Oh those sultry summer nights. They don’t make it easy for getting any shuteye. With higher temperatures making it hard to fall to sleep, you want to shun the heavy duvets for softer sheets and pillowcases in cotton – or even silk. These fabrics are breathable. Pillow cases and sheets will feel smooth and help you feel cooler while you’re sleeping.

Keep cool and beat allergies with Dyson fans


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