If you´re going to go cold turkey this Christmas, make sure it´s eco-friendly

18 Dec 2010


Don't worry, we're not going to lay on the pressure of New Years resolutions this early and dredge up premature nightmares of all the guilty pleasures you'll plan to give up in the New Year, then give up on giving up on before the end of January…

We're actually talking about going green if you're looking for a new fridge or freezer to accommodate your mounds of festive groceries or brady-bunch sized family this Christmas.

Here at Currys PC World, we like the colour green. We recycle. We recycle for free, in fact. But we don't save up old appliances to make art like Ralf Schmerberg, the German construction artist who built an igloo out of 322 fridges in a square in Hamburg a few weeks ago.

Not just fridges, he also used kids' toys, fans, kettles, microwaves, washing machines, toasters and a TV set - all ironically switched on - to raise awareness for energy use and the resulting effect of climate change.

But us? We just recycle. Recycle free of charge. Of course, most of our fridges and freezers are A-rated for energy efficiency anyway, helping our fine customers save on bills as well as do their part for reversing global climate change and ultimately helping to save the world. That's all we do.

But if we DID save up old appliances to make art like Ralf, we'd probably like to shake things up and throw in a different colour with a black Hotpoint Under-Counter Fridge. We'd also brush on a touch of elegance with a Graphite Fridge from Samsung and add a little volume to the top with a Daewoo American-Style Fridge Freezer.

We would then tuck in a NEFF Integrated Freezer to increase storage space while keeping a seamless design to the outside of the igloo. And as a finishing touch we would put a Royal Sovereign Wine Cooler on the inside of the igloo where it was easily accessible to the igloo workforce after hours.

We're just saying. That's what we'd do. If we didn't recycle. But we do.