INFOGRAPHIC: How to work off your Christmas dinner

How many hours of Wii Fit Bowling does it take to burn the calories from Christmas dinner?

11 Dec 2012


We all know that feeling on Christmas day. After a fairly solid afternoon of eating, drinking, and generally being merry, it's easy to feel full, uncomfortable, and even a little bit drowsy. It's no wonder that so many people nap on the sofa before the Queen's speech and the Doctor Who Special has even been shown on TV!

So if you are looking to be more awake this Christmas day, we recommend doing some gentle exercise to keep the body and mind ticking over. But don't worry, we're not suggesting that you go outside and brave the elements, as you can simply set up you Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii and burn off some Christmas calories! 

How To Work Off Your Xmas Dinner

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