Introducing the new Samsung QuickDrive™ washing machine

The future of laundry has landed. Take the stress out of wash days with the ground-breaking Samsung QuickDrive™, which speeds through your washing in double-quick time…

Samsung at IFA

Samsung has been on a bit of a roll recently with its flurry of new technology, and the company isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

The QuickDrive™ builds on the success of the AddWash™, which enabled you to add clothes mid-cycle, speeding up the entire washing process. You just open the door to quickly drop in anything extra, whether that's a stray sock you missed or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing. It can be opened at any time, so long as the drum temperature is below 50°C.


Wash a load in just 39 minutes

The QuickDrive™ (or Q-Drive for short) is a front-load washer designed to chop washing time in half with its innovative Q-Drum™ design.

Its unique fabric care drum rotates clothes, dropping them from top to bottom as any standard machine would, while an independent plate at the back rocks your clothes back and forth.

The drum's pulsator creates a fast water flow, allowing the detergent to penetrate deep into the fabric, giving your clothes a thorough wash in less time. In fact, this revolutionary build means a daily load of laundry can be done in just 39 minutes. Typically, a full load takes around 70 minutes or more.

BS Suh, executive vice president of the digital appliances business at Samsung Electronics, says: “QuickDrive™ is the industry’s game changer, dramatically cutting the amount of time it takes for users to do laundry and giving them more time to enjoy life.”

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Save on your energy bills

Concerns have been raised over the running costs of such a powerful-sounding machine. However, Samsung says the Q-Drive is in fact an energy-saver.

It offers various energy-saving features, including the ability to save up to 50% more on energy than the highest A+++ energy-efficiency standard for a wash cycle.

The efficient ecobubble™ technology mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate your clothes faster, helping you wash at cooler temperatures. Better for the environment and your bills.

Samsung QuickDrive

Get help from a laundry assistant

The QuickDrive™ pairs with an app called Q-rator, which has three key smart features:

  • Laundry planner enables you to choose a finishing time for your wash.
  • Laundry recipe suggests the best wash cycles based on how dirty your clothes are and which material they’re made from.
  • HomeCare Wizard monitors the washer remotely, alerting you to potential problems and providing troubleshooting support.


Control your wash with your voice

The new machine is ready for the future with voice-control built in, making it a prime candidate for the Bixby roll out in the coming years. Samsung’s vision is to have all its devices connected to its virtual assistant, which came to life on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone recently.

You’ll be able to turn the washing machine on and off, pause a cycle or find out how much time is remaining on the current wash with voice commands. The idea is that you’ll eventually be able to control your whole home with just your voice, giving you much more time to do the things you love.

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