Is it really cheaper to wash clothes at 30º?

We all know it’s greener to do the laundry at 30º, but can it really make a difference to your bank balance?

24 Feb 2017


Work shirts

The short answer is yes. Simply because lower temperatures mean less water needs to be heated, using less energy and reducing both your electricity and water bills

Care labels give the maximum temperatures clothes can be washed at, not the precise temperature. Just because clothes can be washed hotter, doesn’t mean they have to be.

AEG say that a modern washing machine could save up to 80% more energy than one that's 5 years old.


So how much money could you save?

It’s only 10 degrees – can it really make that much of a difference? The experts seem to think so.

Washing at 30º instead of 40º or 60º uses 40% less energy, according to these tips from the Energy Saving Trust. That means it’ll cost you 40% less every time you do laundry if you carry on at the same rate.


What can I wash at 30º?

The days of washing at 30º providing a less effective clean are long gone. Modern, sophisticated washing machines are able to achieve excellent cleaning at lower temperatures. From T-shirts and trousers to skirts and shirts, you can now wash most clothes at 30º.


What does it mean for your clothes?

Washing at lower temperatures is actually better for your clothes – there’s less colour fading and wear on the fibres. This comes down to new innovations, like AEG’s ÖKOMix™ and SoftWater Technology™. 


ÖKOMix pre-mixes the detergent and water before it enters the drum, so: 

  • Detergent is fully dissolved – undissolved detergent means a less effective clean
  • It gets to work immediately – sprayed deep into the fibres of your clothes
  • Ensuring every fibre is cleaned and cared for

Dissolve detergent for a deep clean with the 8000 series washing machine


The 8000 series washing machine also saves energy by ensuing each load is washed only for the time it needs. Over-washing is prevented by ProSense technology which creates a tailored cycle based on the weight of each load. You can also find ProSense on the lower-priced AEG 7000 series washing machine.

AEG 7000 

Want more? 60º wash at 30º

Ensure your clothes look pristine when washing at lower temperatures with SoftWater Technology. It purifies and softens the water of harsh minerals that can be harmful to your clothes.

Detergents are fully activated at much lower temperatures to deliver cleaning benefits of a 60ºC wash at just 30ºC.

Keep clothes bright

It dramatically reduces colour fading too, even after many washes. Keep your little black dress black or your colourful sweaters bright. 

Get a 60º clean at 30º with the AEG 9000 series washing machine


Use less energy when drying too

AEG tumble dryers further reduce running costs by registering the weight of your load and adjusting the time and energy needed for each cycle with ProSense technology.

How it works

  • Each load of laundry is accurately weighed to the kilogram
  • Uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors
  • To adjust drying time and energy consumption

Save energy with the AEG 8000 series tumble dryerAEG AbsoluteCare T8DSC949R 

What should I look for in a washing machine?

The AEG technologies we have talked about make a great starting point if you want to get better results by washing at 30º.

AEG uses the ÖKO Inverter motor to give its washing machines the highest efficiency and durability on every washing program.

It’s 50% more efficient than a traditional inverter motor, says AEG, ensuring that no energy is lost by using clever technology to optimise how the motor operates.

Stay cool and save with an AEG washing machine