John Whaite Q & A

We love baking and were thrilled to hear legendary Great British Bake Off winner and all-round top bloke John Whaite would be performing a cookery demo at our Thurrock store. We popped along to meet him and, while he had a rest from the whisk, he answered a few questions for us.

19 Sep 2014


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TechTalk - Who started your love for baking?


John Whaite - It was my mum.


TT - What bake most fills you with fear?


JW - I fear nothing!


TT - If the fate of the world depended on one bake, what would it be?


JW - The fate of the world hangs on.... A Victoria Sponge


TT - What are your top tips for a baking disaster.


JW - Well, if you drop it on the floor, it's over.  But, if it looks like it's curdling, just keep going.  Ignore it and it will come right.  If it's burned, try and slice off the burned part and cover with butter cream icing!


TT - What's the most common mistake you see amateur bakers making?


JW - Not read the recipe properly before baking and just reading it as they go along.  They'll always find they're missing something etc.


TT - What's your favourite kitchen gadget?


JW - I love KitchenAid.


TT - Who's your baking idol?


JW - Mary Berry and Richard Bertinet are amazing!


TT - Can Mel and Sue bake?


JW - Allegedly? ....No.


Mr Whaite - Thank you very much!  May none of your bottoms be soggy.

Want to cook like John?  Check out his Caramelised Lemon Cake recipe here