How to throw the perfect Christmas cocktail party

A lively cocktail party is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. Here are our top tips for throwing a great yuletide bash.

Don’t get swamped by party plans if you’re hosting a yuletide bash. The key ingredients for a successful night are simple. Fancy finger food, drinks (both boozy and non-alcoholic) and a playlist loaded with classics.

Then it’s the extras your guests will remember long after the last Christmas cranberry mojito has been downed.

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Pick a theme and decor to match

It might be a festive colour scheme like red and gold. Or a retro 1960s-style cocktail affair. You could even go for a complete contrast with a tropical theme in the middle of December.  

Don’t forget to send out the invites or create an online event in advance. Why not tie these in with the theme using personalised invitations?

Once that’s sorted you’ll need to think about decor. When you’re decorating remember to:

  • pick out aspects of the theme, like palm trees and funky cocktail umbrellas for a tropical event
  • clean your house well in advance so you’re not contending with a heap of dust on the day itself
  • move some furniture out of the way so there’s more room for your guests
  • think about where to put the food and drinks – maybe invest in a couple of camping side tables draped with Christmas tablecloths  

Plan a sumptuous menu

A failsafe option is to go for a selection of swanky appetisers, like puff-pastry canapés, smoked salmon blinis and garlic and lemon king prawns. Lay them out as a buffet and let your guests help themselves.

For a bit of fun you could even play on some traditional Christmas dishes here. Think miniature Yorkshires, pigs in blankets and roasted nuts.

Crucially, plan a menu that you can prepare in advance and even serve cold on the night so you have time to do other things.

Of course as well as the food, you’ll need to stock up on serving platters, extra plates, cutlery and serviettes for your guests.

Create the ultimate party playlist

Start the evening with some smooth jazz like Ella Fitzgerald while guests are arriving, before moving onto more upbeat tracks as the night gets into full swing. Don’t forget the odd cheesy Christmas song – who doesn’t love a sing-along to Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas Is You?

What’s the point of a top-notch playlist if your guests can’t hear it properly? For quality sound, you can’t beat wireless multiroom speakers. They’re great for parties because you can stream music from your phone or tablet, with the sound quality of your home hi-fi system. You can also:

  • put together the perfect playlist with using your phone or tablet’s music library
  • take impromptu requests from guests with streaming services like Spotify and Deezer on tap
  • have a separate area for mingling and a rowdier dance space by playing different music in each room or the same tracks throughout the house using the Wi-Fi network



The Bose SoundTouch range is a good option. All the speakers are compatible so, whatever model you go for at first, you can always keep adding to your system.

Check out the Bose SoundTouch range

Fix the drinks

What kind of cocktail party would it be without something delicious to sip on?

Keep it simple by picking out one or two signature cocktails so that you don’t have to buy too many ingredients. Maybe a Bond-style martini (shaken, not stirred) or you could try something completely different, like one of the recipes put together for us by cocktail connoisseur JJ Goodman

JJ Goodman - Iced Death Star Small



Keep your head cool in the lead up to the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens film out in December just in time for Christmas by indulging in an icy coffee cocktail worthy of Luke Skywalker himself.



50ml dark rum
2 teaspoons instant hot chocolate powder
2 teaspoons instant coffee
50ml sweetened almond milk
5 ice cubes



1. Add all ingredients to blender and blitz for 2 minutes or until all powder residue has disappeared.
2. Serve long, in a Piccadilly glass over ice.
3. Garnish with coffee beans, a stick of dark chocolate, and a red straw.




JJ Goodman - Devils Detox Small



With the Christmas party season in full swing, this cocktail is the perfect option for those wanting to detox without missing out on the festivities. With the green tea acting as a strong antioxidant and agave syrup containing saponins useful for immune system-boosting, this concoction will keep you energized and rejuvenated as you dance the night away.


50ml vodka
25ml green tea mix
1 cored granny smith apple
1 inch cucumber
20ml lemon
20ml agave syrup
1 thinly slice cucumber


1. Add all ingredients to blender and blitz for 30 seconds.
2. Fill container with ice and place the lid on top.
3. Shake contents manually for 30 seconds, then strain using the container into a coupette glass.
4. Garnish with a thin slice of cucumber placed floating on top of the cocktail.


Remember to include a non-alcoholic option as not everyone will want to drink and some guests might be driving.

Mixing it up

To mix the cocktails, NutriBullet Graphite is a good choice. We love it because:

  • it’s quick and simple to assemble
  • and can be washed between batches of cocktails as it’s really easy to clean

Nutri Ninja blender is another option. With it you can:

  • mix drinks fast as its extra-powerful
  • make refreshing frozen blends like frosty margaritas as it’s strong enough to break down ice

If you don’t fancy playing bartender all night set up a self-service bar and create recipe cards for guests to take turns at mixing their own drinks.

Make sure you’re ready to host the perfect party – see our full range of juicers and blenders