Refreshing cocktails with JJ Goodman

Currys PC World and world famous bartender, JJ Goodman, team up to create a range of cocktail recipes

After a refreshing and uplifting taste sensation? We’ve teamed up with legendary bartender JJ Goodman to inspire the nation to get creative in the kitchen with these delicious cocktail recipes.

JJ, founder of the famous London Cocktail Club (LCC) and proud owner of no less than eight venues, shot to fame as the winner of BBC’s The Restaurant. Always one to push creative boundaries, JJ challenged himself to create three refreshing cocktail recipes that could easily be recreated at home using a variety of products such as the NutriBullet Original, Nutri Ninja and the Waring Soup Maker.

JJ says, “People think mixology requires tons of expensive bar equipment and years of practice, but these recipes show you how to use the items you already have lying around your kitchen while trying out some easy-to-follow recipes to whip up some tasty cocktails to accommodate varying taste buds. My motto is all about making drinks that are accessible and a little out of the ordinary, so I love the idea of using gadgets that are intended for something else to create some delicious concoctions; think of how impressed your guests will be when you tell them you’ve made their drinks with a soup maker!


In the lead up to the Rugby World Cup, and to celebrate a summer of sport, this clever beer-like substitute is perfect for the sporty sisters out there looking for something a bit punchier than a pint.


50ml gin
20ml dark honey
200ml apple Juice
20ml lemon
1 egg white
1 dash of bitters


1. Add all ingredients to blender with crushed ice
2. Blitz for 30 seconds or until all the honey has blended into the drink
3. Serve in a miniature tankard glass


Keep your head cool in the lead up to the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens film due out later this year by indulging in an icy coffee cocktail worthy of Skywalker himself.


50ml dark rum
2 teaspoons instant hot chocolate powder
2 teaspoons instant coffee
50ml sweetened almond milk
5 ice cubes




1. Add all ingredients to blender and blitz for 2 minutes or until all powder residue has disappeared.
2. Serve long, in a piccadilly glass over ice.
3. Garnish with coffee beans, a stick of dark chocolate, and a red straw.



With the summer of festivals still in full swing, this cocktail is the perfect option for those wanting to detox without giving up the party. With the green tea acting as a strong antioxidant and agave syrup containing saponins useful for immune system-boosting, this concoction will keep you energized and rejuvenated as you dance the night away.


50ml vodka
25ml green tea mix
1 cored granny smith apple
1 inch cucumber
20ml lemon
20ml agave syrup
1 thinly slice cucumber


1. Add all ingredients to blender and blitz for 30 seconds.
2. Fill container with ice and place the lid on top.
3. Shake contents manually for 30 seconds, then strain using the container into a coupette glass.
4. Garnish with a thin slice of cucumber placed floating on top of the cocktail.


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