Juicing for Joy at #CurrysIntroJuicing

We invited a group of fitness and lifestyle bloggers out for the evening to try a range of Philips juicers and find out how to create great post-workout drinks!

22 Jul 2014


Philips Juicers

Over 45 fitness bloggers came down to our first juicing event last night, designed to show them how they can build technology into their fitness regimes and diets. Philips kindly provided us with a selection of their excellent juicers to use at the event!

Professional nutritionist and fitness expert Derry Temple gave us a short presentation on how to prepare a good post-workout juice with a range of different milks, fruit, vegetables and proteins. He taught us about the positive and negative sides to a juiced-up diet, and about the fantastic results he has seen when juicing and exercise are balanced correctly.

Derry particularly recommended using juices regularly but sparingly, adding that a good amount of vegetables is essential for balancing out the natural sugar which appears in fruit. He also recommended eating 8 pieces of fruit and veg a day!

Our bloggers were then let loose on the juicers themselves and got to experiment with their own recipes. Afterwards they were let loose on the local Urban Kings gym for a 30 minute exercise class then tested how effective their own juices were for a quick recovery!

Currys Intro Juicing (2a)Philips Juicers (a)

The machines our bloggers got to try out were from the Currys collection of juicers, including the stylish Philips HR1871 Avance model. Derry also shared some great juicer recipes for weight loss, building strength and quick recovery from a big workout. A few of these are included below!

To view our range of juicers, click here

To view the Philips HR 1871 Avance, click here

Modern juicers are powerful machines which can pulp most fruits and vegetables in seconds. Apples, pears, berries, leaves and carrots can be put in the feeding tube without any prior preparation, although you do need to remove the stones, stalks and peel from other fruits. 

If you're juicing at home, you should always switch the juicer on before adding the ingredients in to start the motor working. Also, make sure to only add in fruit or vegetables in the feeding tube one at a time!


Juicer Recipes

Tropical Cocktail                      Derry's Berry Mix                   Ginger Cleanse

½ beetroot                                  1 apple                                       1 apple

2 carrots                                     10 blueberries                           2 carrots

1 stalk celery                              10 strawberries                         1 stalk celery

½ cucumber                                8 raspberries                            1 inch ginger

1 inch ginger                               ½ cup yoghurt           

1 handful parsley   

2 rounds pineapple    


Thanks again to Philips for making #CurrysIntroJuicing possible and a huge thank you to all of the bloggers who came down and took part. We hope to see you again soon!

 JuicingTeam Pic Group 1Juicer

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