Latest kitchen trends

The way we use our kitchens is always changing, depending on what we’re cooking and what trends are popular. The appliances we need are often a giveaway of how we’re currently using our kitchens and what delicious goodies we’re trying to knock up.

The way we use our kitchens is always changing, depending on what we're cooking and what trends are popular. The appliances we need are often a giveaway of how we're currently using our kitchens and what delicious goodies we're trying to knock up.


Cooking in general has seen an enormous resurgence in recent years, thanks in large part to TV chefs and cookery shows. Masterchef regularly tops the TV ratings, with kitchen appliances sales going through the roof.


Let's take a closer look at what kitchen trends are carrying us through into 2014.




Baking is big news in the kitchen thanks to the success of The Great British Bake Off and other cooking shows. It seems like we're all getting out the flour and trying our hand at buns, bread and brioche.


This explosion in baking has seen a huge demand for mixers like Kitchenaid and Kmix as we all strive to become the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry.


Great examples of mixers include the Kitchenaid 5KSM150PSBPT Artisan Stand Mixer which has 10 speed settings and dishwasher safe parts and the KMIX KMX52 Food Mixer which has 6 speed settings, dishwasher safe parts and a 5 litre capacity.


Slow cookers


One kitchen appliance that has always seen resurgence in popularity over recent years is the slow cooker. Initially breaking through in the 80s, we fell in love with its convenience and this has never waned. Simply chop up a load of veg and meat in the morning, pop in the slow cooker and then when you get home from work you have a delicious stew ready and waiting for you.


Crock-Pot and Morphy Richards have both released top slow cookers in recent years, with expanded capacity (up to 6 litres) and dishwasher safe parts. With more people experimenting with what their slow cooker can do, and even slow cooker recipe books on the shelves, this is definitely a kitchen trend for 2014 and top models include the Crock-Pot SCV400D Slow Cooker which has a 3.5 litre capacity, stunning glass lid and vibrant coloured shell and the 6 litre capacity Morphy Richards 48705 Sear and Stew Slow Cooker which also features a glass lid and timeless stainless steel body.


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Pressure cookers


The same can be said for pressure cookers. After falling out of favour due to some concerns over safety, the modern pressure cooker has no such problems. Able to cook at much higher temperature thanks to the increased pressure preventing boiling, pressure cookers are great for cooking quickly.




An integral part of the classic breakfast, toast is the flexible base for countless breakfasts around the country each morning. Smothered with butter, jam, marmalade and many other toppings, it's a quick and easy way to eat at the start of the day. All of which makes the toaster an essential item of kitchen equipment.


Toasters might not be considered part of high end cooking but sometimes simple, quick and easy is what you want.


With a huge range of styles, colours and price ranges to choose from, picking just one toaster can be a bit tricky but go for any of these best 4 slice toasters listed below and you can't go far wrong.


Morphy Richards Accents


This stylish, retro looking toaster is designed with a symmetrical, curved shape with matching buttons and dials on each side. It is available in a stainless steel finish as well as a number of other colours including orange and purple.


It comes with a defrost function, ideal for when you've forgotten to get the bread out of the freezer the night before. There's also a warming function as well as extra wide slots and a high-lift eject for convenience.


It's a great all round four slice toaster, and at just £29.99 a great price too.


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Delonghi Icona


This vintage looking four slice toaster is also available in a range of colours, including retro colours like azure blue and cream. There is a definite modern edge to the design though too with a tapered finish and steel touches.


Again it comes with defrost and warming functions, extra wide slots and bagel tray if you fancy something a little different. All of this is yours for £64.99.


Dualit DL4C


One of the most respected and desired names in toasters, Dualit offers outstanding build quality and beautiful design. Not only that, you're also guaranteed perfect toast every time. It comes with everything you might expect, wide slots, bagel tray and defrost functions.


It might be a little more expensive than some other four slice toasters at £79.99 but you really do get what you pay for. Buy a Dualit toaster and you won't have to buy another one for a very long time, if ever again.


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Kitchenaid Artisan 4 Slice toaster


If you're really going for the top end, then this four slice toaster from Kitchenaid is about as good as it gets. With its seven shade setting, you can get your bread exactly how you want it and the 2500 watts of power mean your toast will be ready in a flash.


The handy LED function lets you keep an eye on how progress is going. At just under £250 it's a lot to pay for a toaster but this really is about the best you can get.


Toasting continues to be a major kitchen trend in 2014 along with the other great appliances mentioned above.