Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

30 Nov 2010


Remember summer? You know, long sunny days, warm sun on your back, shorts and flip-flops?

No, we don’t either – it’s so cold right now it feels like this summer never happened. Here at Dixons Towers we’re currently dealing with six inches of snow, Siberian winds and temperatures that are struggling to rise above freezing.

But that doesn’t mean six months of being miserable! Oh no, it’s time to declare war on winter. And with loads of handy products to banish the chill, we’re looking forward to plenty of fun until the sun shows up again in spring.

Keep warm

Being cold sucks. But you needn’t put up with it – there are plenty of heaters available to keep you proper toasty when the mercury plummets. This Bionaire directional fan heater blasts instant warm air into the room and looks pretty hot too. Just plug it in, put your feet up and feel the blood rush back to your numb toes.

Hot food

Hot breakfasts are so the way forward at this time of year. Crumpets and porridge are fine, but nothing beats a piping hot toasted cheese sandwich to keep the cold out – check out our range of toastie makers. We’ll have cheese, ham and a little bit of pickle please. Don’t forget to butter the outside of the bread!

Movie time

Winter’s the prefect time for some cosy sofa time with the other half – little beats that feeling of dimming the lights, turning the fire up and watching an awesome film. So whether you favour Seven Dwarves or Seven Samurai, maybe now’s the time to invest in something a little more modern – this full HD 50” Panasonic Viera would be a worthy choice for anyone.

Man up and get outside

There’s no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing (thanks for that one, Dad). So pull on a second pair of socks, a couple of extra layers and some thick gloves and just get into the outdoors. Activities like hiking and mountain biking are eminently doable in the winter, though you will get covered in mud. But with a can-do attitude and a modern washer dryer like this Hotpoint you won’t even think twice. Maybe give pot-holing a miss at this time of year though…

Game face

The nights are going to be long and dark for months. You could fill your time with knitting, watching Top Gear re-runs or reading the classics, or you could invest in a new console for hours on end of intense gaming action. We could bang on for ages about the relative merits of the PS3, XBox and the Wii, but they’re all infinitely better than James May’s haircut from 2003. Maybe now’s the time to give Microsoft’s ground-breaking Kinect go!

So however you choose to banish the winter blues, there’s nothing about winter that can’t be overcome with a few carefully chosen pieces of tech and a determination to have some fun (and some chocolate while you shop online, of course)!