Nice n’ Juicy: How to whizz up the perfect juice

Nothing beats the feel good factor of whizzing up your own juice. A nutritionist puts together three nutritional juice recipes.

11 Feb 2015


Juiced ginger root with ingredients

Nothing beats the feel good factor of whizzing up your own juice. It's the most efficient way of getting your five-a-day and a wonder-worker for your health. Eating plenty of fruit and veg boosts your energy levels and prevents your body from catching all kinds of illnesses. Juice anything from kiwi to kale and your body will thank you for the nourishing vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Even if a glass of kale doesn't entice you there are plenty more exotic concoctions you can experiment with. In fact, only this month we invited a group of bloggers to get their juice on at our #Currysintrojuicing event. They whipped up some tasty blends with ingredients like ginger, lemongrass and cucumber.

The juice fest went down so well that we wanted to involve our readers in the fun. So we asked nutritionist Shakela, who was on hand at the event, to provide us with some recipes for those of you at home.

Here are three of her juice recipes to keep your body happy, healthy and nourished.

A glass of spinach and the resulting juice

A simple sports recovery juice

If you're looking to refuel after a heavy workout, look no further than this simple sports recovery juice. The recipe is super quick to make: just combine a beetroot with two handfuls of spinach and berries, half a cucumber and a peeled lemon. Throw in a ¼ teaspoon of matcha green tea powder after you have whizzed it your juice.

The result is a tasty, nutrient-packed juice that's perfect after a high intensity workout. The beetroot speeds up the delivery of oxygen to your muscles - the key to a speedy recovery. And a bonus with spinach is the Popeye effect; it increases your muscle growth by up to 20%!

Make sure you drink the juice 30 minutes before or after your workout for maximum effect.

Ginger root sliced for juicing

Tropical digestion juice

If you regularly feel bloated after a heavy meal, this soothing juice is the perfect remedy. Skin a quarter of a pineapple and half a lemon to start, then combine with an apple, a handful of kale and half an inch of ginger root in your juicer. Throw in a splash of apple cider vinegar once you have blitzed your juice.

What you're left with is a delicious juice that works a treat. The ginger relaxes your intestinal muscles and quickly reduces any trapped gas while the vinegar relieves any intestinal spasms or niggling cramps.

Remember to stick to one glass of juice so you don't cancel out its soothing benefits.

Ground turmeric with ginger in the background

Immunity booster juice

With all the chilly weather and wintery showers it's so easy to catch a nasty cold. Fortunately, this tasty juice is packed full of vitamin C that will keep your immune system fighting fit.

The recipe is super simple. Just add a peeled orange and a skinned quarter of a pineapple to your juicer. Combine with half an inch of ginger root and the same of turmeric. Hit the 'on' button and extract away. Finally, pour in half a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and a little manuka honey.

As tempting as it is, don't skip on the turmeric (although if you're feeling lazy, opt for ground turmeric instead of root). The spice increases the level of immunity-boosting proteins in your body which is what makes this such a nourishing drink.

Fancy giving these recipes a go but don't have a juicer at home? Check out Curry's juicers in all different shapes and sizes. As Shakela says, "it's a convenient way of getting vital goodness in a glass and a great habit to introduce into your busy lifestyle."

If you're interested in a few more recipes, click here. Thanks to Shakela from Nutrishan for sharing her recipes!