Our 3 favourite kitchen innovations from AEG

Love cooking? We’ve been to AEG to see their latest kitchen appliances, and they’re packed with innovations for home cooks and foodies. See our 3 favourites…

15 Sep 2017


Whether fine dining for friends or tackling the family roast, the right appliances can help you cook fresher and more flavoursome food. Here, we look at common culinary catastrophes and show how AEG can help remedy them…

Take 3 steps closer to home cooking heaven with the latest appliances from AEG – the CustomFlex fridge-freezer, the SteamBake oven and the ComfortLift dishwasher.


The prep: fresh ingredients lose their freshness

Every good meal should start with good quality ingredients, to keep your fresh ingredients in the best possible condition, you want the best possible fridge. Meat and vegetables lose their freshness when the temperature changes inside your fridge. Enter the AEG CustomFlex fridge.

Why we love CustomFlex

In a nutshell: It keeps fresh ingredients in the best possible condition with advanced cooling technology

The CustomFlex fridge uses a twin cooling system to accurately maintain temperature with minimal fluctuations. So, whether you’re cooking with organic chicken breasts and fresh red peppers or supermarket pizzas and pasta salad, your ingredients will be chilled at their best.

AEG Customflex door

Storage-wise, it’s a great fridge too. You can adjust the shelves and move and rearrange compartments – so you can switch from your regular weekly shop to preparing for a dinner party.

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The cooking: raw inside, burnt outside

Lots of time and effort goes into cooking for friends and family. But an unreliable oven can see all that effort wasted. If you find your Sunday joint of beef is always tough on the outside and your salmon is left dry, it could be your oven – not you – that’s to blame.

Avoid the perils of an oven that cooks unevenly and say hello to succulent dinners with the AEG SteamBake oven.

Why we love the SteamBake oven

In a nutshell: It retains more of the good stuff like vitamins and nutrients in food, with evenly cooked dishes every time and a food sensor that lets you cook with confidence.

AEG’s new Hot Air convection system ensures an even temperature throughout the oven, so every part of your dish receives the exact consistent heat it needs.

Whether serving rare or medium rare, it can be difficult to know when your meat is ready without cutting into it. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to perfection with a food sensor that measures the core temperature of your food. Here’s how it works:

Dry heat can dry out your food, but the PlusSteam button adds moisture at the start of the baking process. 

  • Roast potatoes will be crisp and fluffy
  • Joints of beef and salmon fillets moist and tender
  • Puff-pastry pies towering, golden and flaky

Check out how it works:

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The clean-up: delicate dishes and too much bending

While everyone relaxes post-pudding, you can be faced with kitchen chaos: worktops stacked with plates and pots and pans slicked with sauces and bits the serving spoon missed.

A good quality dishwasher can take some of the strain. But with piles of plates and pots, there’s endless loading and unloading.

Enter the AEG ComfortLift dishwasher.

Why we love ComfortLift

In a nutshell: It’s much easier to reach the dishes, and your crockery and wine glasses are safer from damage

ComfortLift is the first dishwasher in the world that lifts the lower basket up. You just slide it out and move it up to a convenient working height, taking the strain out of loading and unloading dishes.

AEG Customflex dishwasher

The racks move smoothly, too. So, you can avoid the rattling plates and chipped crockery that pulling and pushing the baskets can result in.

Forget hand-washing, your glasses will be safe in this dishwasher. SoftGrips gently hold the stems of your flutes and wine glasses in place so that they are protected from breakage and scratches during the cycle.

Natural airflow helps to dry your dishes more naturally. As the end of the cycle approaches, the dishwasher door opens slightly to let in natural air. This also helps save energy.

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