Pouring over new Espresso and Coffee Machines

If you´ve only just sipped your way into the wondrous world of coffee drinking you’re in luck. We´ve scoured our stockrooms to pull out the finest coffee machines for ‘beginner’ coffee drinkers.

Ah coffee, what would we do without it, ay? Many of us might not seem so sprightly in the morning that's for sure.

If you've only just sipped your way into the wondrous world of coffee drinking you're in luck. We've scoured our stockrooms to pull out the finest coffee machines for 'beginner' coffee drinkers. We've compared two espresso machines and two coffee makers so you can understand and compare the capabilities of both. Remember, these are just four of  many espresso and filter coffee machines we sell online and in-store, so if these don't take your fancy there are plenty more on our shelves to check out!


KRUPS Dolce Gusto Melody 3 Hot Drinks Machine - Red 

Krups dolce melody 3

Price: £49.99

KRUPS, one of the world's leading producers of kitchen appliances, have released this new futuristic looking coffee machine - the aptly named KRUPS Dolce Gusto Melody 3 Hot Drinks Machine. Whether it actually produces any musical melodies worthy of chart-topping success when switched on we have yet to fully discover, but it does make a darn good cup of Joe.

Suitable for use with all Dolce Gusto coffee pods, you can select from over 30 flavours widely made available online and in most supermarkets. Creating virtually no mess and producing quality filtered coffee, the Melody 3 would probably even make your local barista blush.

Despite its futuristic design, the Melody 3 is actually quite stylish. Get past the spherical shapes, vibrant reds and shining silvers, the Melody 3 would make a chic addition to any kitchen.

Costing just £49.99 this is certainly a hit with us here at Currys.


                    DUALIT ESPRESSIVO Espresso Machine - Chrome

Dualit Espressivo

Price: £159.99

The Dualit ESPRESSIVO Espresso Machine has been made with simplicity in mind. Not only does it make authentic cappuccinos and espressos at the touch of a button, but its convenient 3-in-1 system ensures avid coffee drinkers can use Dualit NX capsules, universal ESE posed and standard ground coffee as well.

This machine produces delicious froth on demand, so you can choose a coffee to suit you. Whether it's a creamy cappuccino, an authentic espresso or a warming Americano, the DUALIT has been designed to serve all your coffee need.

In terms of its usability, we're liking the DUALIT. It filters quality coffee in no time at all - 40 seconds - and the high-pressure 15 bar pump ensures perfectly brewed coffee in an instant. It's also affordable. Priced at a modest £159.99, the DUALIT is relatively cheap in comparison to many other espresso machines, but that's not to say that its quality is compromised.


Krups MelodyMORPHY RICHARDS 47094 Accents Coffee Maker - Red

Price: £44.99

This attractive Morphy Richards Coffee Maker serves great coffee - it's as simple as that. In fact, it can provide up to 12 cups of coffee within 10 minutes, so it's also fast-paced.

The 47094 Coffee Maker also has a permanent, easy-clean coffee, meaning you'll save money on replacement filters. The thermostatic hotplate lets you keep coffee warmer for longer ensuring you can always have the perfect coffee within reach.

In terms of maintenance, the 47094 Coffee Maker's anti-drip system ensures there's no mess to clear up after the coffee's been brewed. It also includes a funky digital display screen including a timer.

At £44.99, the 47094 Coffee Maker is reasonably priced for what is a hi-tech piece of machinery.


Logik Coffee Maker

LOGIK LC10DCC12 Coffee Maker - Cream

Price: £19.99

All these coffee makers tend to contain a lot of numbers in the name to make them sound all technical and sophisticated, which can be slightly off-putting if you're someone who's new to the world of coffee making. Sure the LOGIK LC1ODCC12 may sound like a component made for a military tank, but this piece of machinery has been designed for one front-line purpose: to brew great tasting coffee for the troops (i.e. you!).

Let's make one thing clear: the LOGIK Coffee Maker is ideal for newbie coffee drinkers or those who like to take sip their coffee quickly during the morning rush to get ready for work. It's why the machine is priced at just £19.99.

The LC10DCC12 has a fully integrated digital display and water level indicator, to make coffee preparation easy, and includes a keep warm function to ensure your coffee keeps nice and warm even if you're not ready to drink it. Perfect!