Practical tips for small kitchens

Size isn’t everything. Maximise limited space and make your kitchen work for you with our top tips…

A small kitchen can be difficult to move around in. Putting away groceries becomes a one-man job. Pots are piled precariously on top of the microwave. And trying to cook while someone else is washing up is like a game of dodgems.

But just because you live in a small house or flat, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on home-cooked meals. With a few clever space-saving tricks and specially-designed appliances, you can create a small but perfectly formed kitchen without breaking the bank.


Handy hacks for the hands-on home chef

Hands-on home chef

Like to think of yourself as the next Jamie Oliver? It can be hard to be a flamboyant chef in a tiny kitchen – not enough space to chop and peel for your homemade Thai curry; dirty plates stacking up around you. Give yourself some breathing space with these hacks:

  • Over-the-sink chopping board to create a space-saving food prep area for slicing and dicing
  • Deep-pan drawers, pull-out larders or corner carousels to keep your cast-iron cookware cleared away
  • Freestanding storage shelves with a block top so you’ve got extra storage and a chopping board on wheels


Save space with versatile appliances 

Why have three bits of kit when one will do? Combination appliances mean you can save valuable kitchen space.

Smaller kitchen

An all-in-one microwave, oven and grill is a home cook’s best friend. The Neff Combination Microwave has 14 automatic cooking and defrosting programmes so you can do so much more than just warm up soup. Make pita bread pizzas or even roast a chicken rotisserie-style.

Get the Neff Combination Microwave

The Sunday roast has defeated many a small kitchen cook. Open the oven door to take out the roasties, and the kitchen walkway is completely blocked. The Neff Slide & Hide electric oven is a perfect fit for compact kitchens. Its innovative door slides underneath the oven so you can still move around your kitchen while the oven door is open.

Get the Neff Slide & Hide


Throw a (dinner) party in a phone box

Just because you’re confined to a miniscule kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have friends round for dinner. There used to be a saying reserved for the coolest movers and shakers: ‘they can throw a party in a phone box’. Take inspiration with our tips for dining in dinky kitchens…

kenwood dishwasher

  • Drop-down kitchen table that attaches to the wall and can be folded flat against it when not in use
  • Skinny fridge that uses height rather than width to pack in groceries. Store wine bottles too with the rack in this Beko integrated fridge freezer
  • Slim dishwasher that's 15cm narrower than a full-size model but can still do 10 place settings in a single load. Try this stainless steel Kenwood dishwasher 


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