Put your feet up – Hotpoint has the chores covered

Ever wish you could magically make household chores disappear? Want a kitchen perfect for dinner parties and family visits? We’ve got the answer...

14 Sep 2018


Hotpoint kitchen

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you just can’t avoid chores like cooking and cleaning – especially when you’ve got something big like a dinner party coming up.

Thankfully, Hotpoint has come to the rescue.

Take a look at some of Hotpoint's innovations that could take pride of place in your kitchen. While they can’t make chores completely vanish completely, they can make them as quick and easy as can be.


Hotpoint Class 4 Electric Multiflow Oven

This cooker is super easy to use and won’t break the bank. It’s a top choice for cooking fanatics and baking beginners alike.

Hotpoint Multiflow oven

Whether you want to cook up a storm for a group of friends or chuck on some chicken nuggets for the kids, Hotpoint’s Multiflow heat technology ensures your food is cooked evenly throughout.

It distributes constant and even heat to every corner of the oven, ensuring consistently even cooking, so no more burnt edges and raw middles, just perfect results every time.

Learn more about Hotpoint Multiflow technology

In fact, thanks to its roomy 71-litre capacity, you can sort dinner for the whole house at once – veggie and meat options side by side, a whole roast with all the trimmings… in fact, almost anything you could imagine.

We also love:

  • The full-width tilting grill, for quickly crisping up a delicious snack
  • The A+ energy rating, which makes it eco-friendly and saves you cash on bills
  • It helps to clean itself. Yep, really – catalytic liners on either side of the oven burn away any grime inside, so you can spend more time cooking and less time scrubbing

Check out the Hotpoint Class 4 Electric Multiflow Oven


Hotpoint Active Care Washing Machine

How about when the food’s all gone? This is when you’ll need a washing machine that can quickly clear away tough stains – whether it’s a wine spillage on your blouse or sticky fingerprints on your cream cushions.

Hotpoint Active Care Washing Machine

You can get over 100 types of stain out of your favourite pieces at only 20°thanks to ActiveCare technology. That means your clothes keep their quality, wash after wash, and your bills stay nice and low. It’s a win-win!

Plus, at the touch of a button, you can reduce wash time by up to 50%, thanks to Hotpoint's Rapid option – especially important for upcoming parties, or when you have guests staying

We also love:

  • Steam Hygiene and Refresh cycles allow you to skip ironing day, by steaming and freshening clothes in just 20 minutes – ideal for just before an event
  • The Anti-Allergy setting prevents pollen and dust from sticking to fabrics, keeping your household sneeze-and-scratch-free
  • Stubborn stain need tackling? No problem. The Anti-Stain 40°C wash is sure to shift it

Love the idea of an effortlessly clean home and wardrobe but don’t want to break the bank?

Get the Hotpoint Active Care Washing Machine


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