10 weirdly wonderful pancake toppings

Feeling creative on Shrove Tuesday this year? Then look no further than our cheeky top 10 pancake topping ideas

01 Feb 2018


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We all admit to loving the classic toppings for pancakes on Pancake Day - we immediately think of sugar and lemon, chocolate spread, or even savoury cheese and ham. But why not try something new?

We thought it was about time to get a little more creative in the kitchen with some deliciously different toppings and recipes – even better – it will definitely keep the kids entertained.


1. Strawberries, balsamic vinegar and cream pancakes

If you have guests over and want to impress with some posh-nosh inspired flavourings, then mix a splash of balsamic vinegar with a topping of strawberries. The acidity of the vinegar is a great way to bring out the strawberries’ flavour and colour. Layer them on to your pancake with a good splodge of cream.


2. Chicken satay

Satisfy an alternative savoury craving by adding an Asian twist to your Shrove Tuesday - topping pancakes with creamy satay sauce and tender chicken pieces.

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3. Jaffa Cake pancakes

By using baking powder and buttermilk in your batter you can create thicker and fluffier American-style pancakesOnce cooked, spoon on lashings of marmalade and melted dark chocolate for your take on the British classic treat.


4. Pretend pizza pancakes

Home-bakers know that one of the best parts of cooking is decorating the cake, or in this case, pancake. This fun idea allows the little kids (and big kids) in your home to get creative. Use jam and marshmallows for the tomato and ham then finish with a sprinkle of desiccated coconutOr, why not try adding a Hawaiian twist with slices of pineapple?


5. Peanut butter and jam

This taste and texture combination is a winner in the USA, so could combining crunchy and smooth be your new favourite? Simply spread this stateside classic on your pancakes, fold, and tuck in.


6. Chocolate chilli pancakes

Chocolate and chilli is one of those combinations that shouldn't work, but somehow does. Add cocoa powder and chopped chilli to the pancake batter, then drizzle with a little melted chocolate. For a smokier chilli hit you could add chipotle powder, if you have any to hand.


8. Veggie pancakes

If you’re feeling a bit hungrier and fancy a heartier meal, mix things up with loads of veggies. Fry onion, cauliflower florets, chickpea and spinach in a little olive oil until they turn soft and golden. Then cram your veg into pancakes with natural yoghurt, just like fajitas.


8. Millionaire shortbread

Aclassic afternoon tea treatand indulgently delicious. Simply crumble up shortbread and scoop generous amounts of tinned caramelon your pancake. To finish, drizzle on warm, melted chocolate.

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9. Lemon meringue

This Sunday lunch classic works so well as a new twist on the traditional lemon and sugar topping. Whip double cream into soft peaks, then gently fold in two crumbled meringue nests. For the sharp lemony kick, mix in three tablespoons of lemon curd, and then finish with a dusting of icing sugar.


10. Gravy

This Instagram-worthy option proves pancake batter is the same as Yorkshire puddings! Famously loved by northern England, gravy is a simple addition to savoury pancakes. Go one step further by adding chopped onions and sausages and make it a lunchtime wrap.


Having your toppings sorted is great, but do you need some lumpy-batter-busting tips for your pancakes? Then check out our guide to the perfect pancake


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