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How to bake crème brûlée 30 August 2017

Craving crème brûlée? It´s easier to make than you think...

How to bake sugar-free banana cake 29 August 2017

Satisfy your cake craving with a healthier alternative to traditional sponge - the sugar-free banana cake.

How to bake a Chocolate Soufflé 29 August 2017

The perfect Soufflé, a French classic, has been illuding avid bakers since the eighteenth century, but we'll show you how to make this tricky bake in eight easy steps.

How to bake choux pastry 29 August 2017

Eclairs, choux buns and profiteroles - some of the most delicious treats that you can ever wish for. Our easy step by step guide will get you started making them...

How to bake a fruit cake 29 August 2017

Rich, moist and filled with tasty goodness, a fruit cake is perfect with a nice cup of tea. Here´s an easy way to make one.

How to create the perfect afternoon tea 28 April 2017

Sandwiches, cake and your favourite brew. What’s not to love about afternoon tea? But how do you do it right? Read on to find out…

How to bake: Spelt Bread with Goat's Cheese 05 October 2016

Spelt may be an ancient grain, but it's really delicious and good for you. Discover how to make a spelt loaf here...

How to bake: Pear and Chocolate Brioche 05 October 2016

Pear and chocolate create a flavour sensation together. Give yourself a treat with this simple recipe...

How to bake: Avocado Red Velvet Cup Cakes 05 October 2016

Avacado in a cupcake? We thought it'd never work, but then we tasted the results. Discover the secret yourself...

How to bake: Chocolate and Berry Blondies 05 October 2016

Blondies and brownies are some of our favourite sweet treats. Here's how to make your own...


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