Become a master chef: create the perfect three course summer meal!

With the British summer well on its way, we bring you the recipe ideas for the perfect three course summer meal!

28 May 2014


With the British summer well on its way, we have cllected recipe ideas for the perfect three course summer meal.

You can enjoy them with friends and loved ones in the garden, or in the park as part of a picnic on those upcoming warm days and balmy evenings.  What's more, we've even chosen a whole host of useful kitchen appliances to compliment your cooking and convenience you in the kitchen.  So get ready, it's time to be creative!


Preparing your three course meal

Cooking Appliances - Charcuterie

Starter:  Charcuterie Selection

If you love your fresh and cured cold meats then the Kenwood 0WSL250001 Food Slicer could be just the kitchen accessory for you.  With this little gem you'll be able to slice bread, vegetables, meat and cheese in a flash - saving you the time of doing it by hand. You can also be safe in the knowledge that you won't injure yourself by use of a sharp blade, thanks to the easy clean protective cover.

In the summer, when appetites are lighter, a charcuterie board is the perfect starter for a meal and our choice would include a Spanish tapas-style selection of Iberico ham, chorizo and salami sausages. You can even add in a little manchego cheese and fresh fruit (such as grapes or figs) to liven it up a little, then drizzle the sliced meats in a little balsamic vinegar before serving. 

If you're used to shop-bought plastic packaged hams then this food slicer will be a real revelation; get ready to taste the intensity of freshly sliced meats and experience a charcuterie board as you would in the Mediterranean.


Ingredients for two:

150g Iberico ham, thinly sliced

250g Chorizo, thickly sliced

200g salami, thinly sliced

300g Manchego, thinly sliced

Grapes and/or figs


Cooking Appliances - Tuna Nicoise

Main:  Tuna Niçoise

For a unique take on this refreshing, summery French salad, use asparagus instead of green beans! The British asparagus season is upon us (it typically lasts from early May to late June) and at a mere eight weeks now is the time to create dishes using this delicious, nutty flavoured vegetable. 

The other ingredients you'll need are fresh tuna steaks, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs, chives and a little red onion.  For the salad dressing you'll need a spoonful of Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, olive oil, lemon and some freshly ground pepper and salt.

When it comes to the preparation, it's really just a case of chopping up and mixing together all of the salad ingredients - you might want to lightly fry the red onion to reduce the intensity of its flavour before adding it to the salad and pouring over the dressing, which you mix separately.  Steam the asparagus in the Morphy Richards 46381 18cm 3-tier steamer for five to seven minutes (depending on how crunchy you like them) to lock in all of the goodness, then add the stems to the salad. 

For the tuna, the Denby Jet 25cm Griddle Pan is the perfect bit of kit for frying your steaks - just a minute or two on each side will give you beautifully scorched fish, whilst keeping the pink centre intact.  Serve direct from the griddle pan atop the salad et voila - time to dig in!

Cooking Appliances - Morphy Richards


A salad for two:

        2 fresh tuna steaks (about 200g each)       

        150g Asparagus

        8 cherry tomatoes

        2 boiled eggs, cut in half


        1/2 red onion

For the dressing:

        Dijon mustard

        25ml white wine vinegar

        50ml olive oil

        1/4 lemon, juiced

        Salt and pepper


Cooking Appliances - Strawberry Ice Cream

Dessert:  Strawberry Ice-cream

Ever dreamed of making your own ice cream?  Creating entirely new flavour combinations?  Well now you can, thanks to the Kenwood IM200 Ice-cream maker.  Using this machine you'll be able to make up to 1.1-litres of homemade ice cream in under an hour, so get your thinking cap on and get creative with your ice cream recipes.

To make the true British summer classic - strawberries and cream - all you'll need is fresh strawberries, cream (single or double depending on just how creamy you want it), caster sugar and vanilla extract. 

The preparation process couldn't be any simpler; just chop up the strawberries and mix them with all of the other ingredients in the IM200 then leave to set for 40 minutes - it really is that simple! 

The internal blast chiller means that within an hour you'll be digging in to this classic dessert, perfect for a sunny, summer's day in the garden!


Ingredients for two:

    300g fresh strawberries, chopped

    250ml cream

    2 tablespoons caster sugar

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract