Cocktail recipes to keep your student nights classy - or not

Whether you´re after decadent glamour or grungy indie cool, here are some cocktail to get your uni nights out started with a bang...

It's a well-known fact the average student is partial to the occasional tipple.

But with student nights boasting cheap drinks and cheesy music available every night of the week, your bank balance can soon be left feeling as sore as your head.

Now just because you're students, it doesn't mean it has to be all lukewarm cider, questionable wine and lager from the reduced aisle.

Show the stereotype the door with cocktail recipes designed to help bring a little elegance, flair and throat-burn to your student des-res. We've also included a couple of unashamedly low-rent options, if slumming it in an indie-hipster way is more your thing.

These recipes can be stirred in a glass, or shaken in a cocktail shaker. If a cocktail shaker sounds way too ostentatious, sticking the booze in a clean jam jar and shaking about a bit will have a similar effect.

Sidecar steeped in Gatsby glamour

Flapper Girl

People romanticise about the 'Love on the Dole' side of student life, but in reality wearing shoes until the soles fall off, drinking cheap lager at cut price student nights and having pasta and sauce for tea again can get a little gutting. Bring a bit of glamour back into your life by throwing a Great Gatsby-themed fancy dress party that transforms your slightly grotty front room into New York in the decadent, gin-soaked and hedonistic 1920s.

Get dolled up like Carey Mulligan in Baz Luhrmann's recent adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel. However, if you're going to believe that James from your Monday morning lecture is Fitzgerald's Jay Gatsby, you're going to need a bit of help. Enter the classic prohibition-era cocktail of those bright young things, the Sidecar.  This recipe is courtesy of the lovely guys at Imbibe:

All you need is:
:: 2 oz. Cognac
:: 1 oz. Cointreau
:: 3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
:: Cracked ice

Miami Vice Mojito


We've all seen that episode of Friends where the student-age Ross and Chandler are going through their Miami Vice phase? If you can't remember it's a flashback episode where they're wearing baggy, pastel-coloured suits and obsessively rolling and unrolling their sleeves.

If you want to pay similar homage to the iconic Eighties cop show, the mojito is the only way to go. We borrowed this recipe from the guys at, and it's an absolute stonker - all you need now is your pale lemon blazer and white slip-on loafers. You might want to roll up your sleeves before making too.

All you need is:
:: 1 part Rum
:: 0.5 parts Lime Cordial
:: 3 parts Soda Water
:: A wedge of fresh lime
:: Ice

Essential snakebite and black

We said we'd include a couple of low-rent options and they don't come much more low-rent than snakebite and black. Seen as a cool 'tradition' to many students, the toxic potion is usually favoured by Vice magazine-reading indie kids with greasy fringes and grubby Converse drinking it to be 'ironic', however after a few of these they soon lose their detached, nonchalant cool.

Expect leaping around the dancefloor to songs you don't even like, along with the deep purple colour it leaves your tongue and lips. This recipe is from the guys at again, but there's not that much to it.

All you need is:
:: Half a pint of lager
:: Half a pint of cider
:: A dash of blackcurrant cordial

Yorkshire Dales Donkey

Yorkshire folk sure know how to let their hair down. The guys at have put together some foolproof cocktail recipes to help students shake-off their 'Strongbow-guzzling stereotype' without being left so skint they can only afford to eat noodles on toast for the rest of term.

One which caught our eye was the Yorkshire Dales Donkey. They call it a Yorkshire version of the Moscow Mule, we don't know about that but it certainly came with a kick, anyway.
All you need is:
:: A few capfuls of vodka
:: A dash of lime cordial
:: Top with ginger beer and lime rind

So there we have it, whether you're after movie star glamour or grungy rock star grime, you'll have it covered with our boozy recipes. What's your favourite tipple at uni? Let us know below?