Football Fusion: Camembert Romanian pastry recipe

It’s France vs. Romania in the first of our football-inspired fusion dishes – Romanian placinta pastry stuffed with Camembert cheese…

06 Jun 2016


Whether you’re kicking back to watch the football with a snack, or just fancy getting into the game spirit with some themed cooking – try whipping up this take on two national dishes.

Here’s our Football Fusion recipe for traditional Romanian pastry filled with gooey French camembert cheese.



For the dough:

25g fresh yeast

125ml warm water

350g flour

1 egg

Pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper



For the filling:

250g camembert

5g chives



1. Mix the yeast with 2 tbs flour and 50ml of water

2. Leave the dough for 15 minutes

3. Add the egg, salt, the rest of the water and flour, and knead

4. Leave the dough for 1 hour

5. Roll out until thin

6. Spread sliced camembert

7. Fold into an envelope / round shape

8. Put onto a baking sheet brushed with butter

9. Bake for 15-mins at 200 degrees




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