Four things they won´t expect on their plates this Christmas dinner

Don´t fancy the traditional Christmas food this year? Here´s some ideas for an alternative Christmas dinner...

21 Nov 2013


Turkey, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, nut roast, pigs in blankets and stuffing are just some of the Christmas dinner staples that millions of Britons up and down the land will be eating this December 25th.

While there's nothing wrong with a traditional roast, those who like to do things a little differently might consider these tried-and-tested options, well, a little on the stale side.

So if you're looking to spice up your Christmas grub this year, we've put together a few ideas we reckon could make your dinner really stand out.

Don't worry, we're not going to get all I'm a Celebrity on you - here are four different but perfectly scrumptious ideas that could revolutionise this year's Christmas grub.


Ham in cola

Ham, you say? In cola? Yup - and it works. We might sound like we're getting all US-of-A on you but ham in cola - search online and you'll find stacks of recipes - is a great way to do Christmas dinner with a twist.

It's easy enough to make - get a gammon joint, an onion and some cola for the ham, and some cloves, mustard, sugar and black treacle for the glaze - and you're on your way to a Christmas Day feast that will never be forgotten. The cola creates a sweet and savoury flavour and this dish is a great blend of the traditional and the new.

There's plenty of things you can do to mix things up - add a maple and mustard or brown sugar glaze, serve it with some watercress and brown bread.


International flavours

Our US reference got us thinking…this Christmas, why not embrace the Christmas cuisine of countries around the world? Go global!

In Honduras, a typical Christmas dinner consists of mini-parcels stuffed with anything from chicken to pork and cheese to dried fruit. In Australia, the hot weather in December often means the Ozzies decamp to the beach for a BBQ!

Spicy curry

The centrepiece of your Christmas Dinner doesn't have to be a big bird. Curry is now firmly established as a UK food staple - so why don't we tend to eat it on Christmas Day?

It's not just about buying a ready meal and chucking it in the oven either - when it comes to curry, there are endless possibilities.

You could take a traditional Christmas meat such as turkey and knock up a sizzling turkey and parsnip curry, coupled with some Christmas-themed accompaniments - such as cranberry samosa parcels?


Tasting menu

Instead of opting for a traditional three-course meal, why not produce a nifty little tasting menu for Christmas dinner? Your guests will love it.

It'll take a fair bit of prep and effort, but would be well worth it. You could do some sexy canapés, a couple of soups, some sample game pies, fish, finished with a salted caramel desert and, of course, a cheeseboard.