How to make the perfect pancake

Get your pancakes right this year with fool proof recipes, including dairy and gluten-free options, plus a few easy toppings to go with them.

Pancake making

Pancake day, or, Shrove Tuesday, has always been a much-loved holiday. With the cold February weather still upon us, there’s no better way to keep entertained indoors than mixing pancakes.

But if previous years have been marred by lumpy, runny batter and flipping disasters, never fear - our straightforward guide will help make this year different. Smooth batters and hints for the flipping technique – this year you’ll nail it.


Our no-nonsense recipe

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 200g plain flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 400ml milk
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil


  • Large frying pan
  • Whisk
  • Large bowl
  • Thin spatula


  • Put the plain flour in a bowl, before using your (clean fingers) to make a well at its centre
  • Crack the eggs into a saucer and pour into the well
  • Add 400ml of milk into the well
  • Beat the mixture with a hand mixer, working to incorporate all the flour until you have a smooth batter


  • Put a large frying pan on the hob on a medium heat
  • Drizzle vegetable oil and swirl it around until it is hot and the pan evenly coated
  • Spoon 2 tbsp of pancake batter in the centre of the pan and swirl around until the base is coated in a thin layer of batter (depending on the size of your pan – you may need to vary the amount of mixture)
  • Cook for approximately one minute on each side, flipping them with the spatula – or toss them if you’re feeling brave


Dairy and gluten free pancake recipes

And for those pancake lovers who need to use alternate ingredients for intolerances or allergies, you can substitute in gluten-free plain flour, or to replace the dairy products you can use hemp, coconut or almond milk instead of cow’s milk and butter.

Here are two straightforward recipes from BBC Good Food to try out:

Go gluten-free this Pancake Day, or impress your family with dairy-free

Pancake toppings

Top it off

Dolloping on your favourite toppings is the best way to crown the perfect pancake. We've chosen a few of our personal favourite toppings for you to try out…

1. Cinnamon sugar and lemon

We've all been enjoying sugar and lemon pancakes for generations, but what about cinnamon sugar and lemon?  

Just mix a quarter of a cup of sugar with 1tbsp of ground cinnamon. Then, when your pancakes are fresh out of the frying pan, sprinkle the mixture over them, roll tightly and tuck in - yum.

2. Banana and chocolate sauce

Bring the summer BBQ favourite inside for a winter twist - put them together inside your pancake and you have a filling that is simple, but undeniably delicious.

You can make a simple chocolate sauce using this recipe from BBC Good Food, then slice up some banana, lay it in the center of your pancake, drizzle over the chocolate sauce and fold closed.

3. Ham and mozzarella

If you don’t have a sweet tooth take some continental inspiration. You'll need around 100g mozzarella cheese, and 80g smoked and shredded ham.

Once you've flipped your pancake, scatter some of the cheese and ham liberally over the cooked side. Once the pancake is cooked, fold over - flip again, and then slide onto a warm plate - when you cut into it the mozzarella will be stringy and the ham warm and crisp.

Feeling adventurous? Take a look at our bizarre list of 10 weirdly wonderful pancake toppings

Perfect flipping technique

The perfect flipping technique

Researchers at Warwick University said you should be aiming to toss your pancake around 18 inches into the air to give it enough time and space to spin. 

Dr Patrick Hadley, at Warwick University, said: "It's all about synchronizing the spin with the throw and making sure the elevation is high enough to get the best arc."

Find out more about the academic's flipping theory


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