Juiced Up: How to make the perfect workout drink

We challenged a group of bloggers to use their creative skills by going for a workout, using a state-of-the-art Philips juicer to create a recovery drink and sending us their best juicy recipes!

06 Mar 2014


Philips juicer

Few things are better for you, during or after your workout, than a good glass of fresh juice. Natural sugars from fruit and vegetables help prevent lactic acid building up too much whilst you're exercising which means you can keep going for longer. Adding celery will also help replace electrolytes much quicker (so put down that bottle of Powerade) and exercising makes your body far more receptive to all of the good stuff in your bottle. 

We challenged a group of bloggers to use their creative skills by going for a workout, using a state-of-the-art Philips juicer to create a recovery drink and sending us their best juicy recipes.

If you're think of painfully grinding away lemons on an old glass juicer and scraping away the seeds, then think again. Modern juicers are amazingly simple to use - just throw your fruit and veg in whole (yes, whole!) and wait for the juice to flow. Most have up to 2 litre capacity and are machine washable, making the whole juicing process effortless and efficient. 


Fancy giving this a go yourself at home? You should check out the Philips HR1863 Juicer for supreme juicing ease, or take a look at our complete range of juicers in different shapes and sizes.

We can't wait to see what recipes our bloggers come up with, but if you can't wait until then read below for some extra juicing inspiration from us!


Celery Juice V2

A Simple Recovery Juice

If you're looking for a healthy post-workout drink to help your recovery, then look no further than this recipe. Combine a couple of apples with a stick of celery, then add about a third of a small cucumber.

The result is a smooth, refreshing juice which will help you replace the sodium and potassium your body loses whilst you exercise. It's especially good at relieving those aches and pains so save it for after your big workouts. It's especially refreshing in a hot sauna!

Drink within 30 minutes of exercising for maximum effect, and if you want to give it a little bit of a kick then try adding ginger!



Jogging V2

The Jogging Juice

If you're looking for a juice to take out with you on a short to medium distance run, then try putting three oranges and two pears into your juicer (leave the pith on!). Blitz these and give the result a stir before you add in the juice of a yam or sweet potato (with the skin on!).

The fruit sugars in this drink will keep you going for longer and the extra nutrients can boost your body's anti-viral and immune system. This juice is full of the enzymes and vitamins which help keep your body clean, fresh and running well, so it goes great with any intense, aerobic exercise you have planned.

Remember, if you're taking a drink out with you on a run, sip don't gulp!




The Quick Recharge Juice

Juices aren't just for after your workout and sometimes it's just as important to get a quick energy boost after a long day's work before you hit the treadmill. In this case, it's vital you replenish your energy and get some nutrients into your system. 

For this purpose, carrot juice is perfect! Carrots contain plenty of beta-carotene, an antioxidant which can help protect your body from the damaging effects your body might undergo during exercise if you don't take on enough oxygen. Ginseng is another useful ingredient, known for providing strength and energy.

To get your gym juice right, make 8oz of carrot juice and mix with a teaspoon of ginseng powder. This will give you a big battery recharge before a big workout. If you really want to give your exercise a boost, try adding a clove of juiced garlic which will help you increase your stamina. 



Sweet potato juice

The Heavy Workout Refuel Juice

To get the most out of your juicer, you've got to be daring and mix it up a bit with your ingredients. Sweet potato is a fantastic ingredient to add to your juices as it is low on calories but high in Vitamin A and beta-carotene. 

Almonds are also a great ingredient as they are high in protein meaning that they will help repair and build muscle after your workout and help you build and strengthen your muscles over time. Mix in your almonds with your sweet potatoes to get a highly nutritional drink, which you can sweeten with apples and oranges as you wish.

Not only will you come to love the taste of this post-workout lifesaver, it's also a great source of potassium and electrolytes. That means your body will be able to balance its fluids better, and should leave you less groggy the morning after!


If you've got any great juice ideas for us comment below, or check back soon to see our bloggers' suggestions! For more motivation on your workout, you should also check out our Ultimate Blogger Workout Playlist.